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The galaxy of Spherus may at times appear to be a utopian society, with many colorful planets and races coexisting in multicultural harmony. Yet a closer inspection would reveal fleets of war ships silhouetted against the many suns, like the gathering clouds of a storm. This is a galaxy where superhuman capabilities and technology meld into one, where 'warrior supremus' roam the worlds in search of any challenge, and where fickle deities spawn new strains of life to do their bidding. And now, with the Spherus roleplaying system, you have a chance to step into this tumultuous galaxy, where entire planets may someday rest on the edge of your weapons, or on the power of your will.

This is the official Spherus webpage, where you'll be able to find all the most recent Spherus information, available free thanks to the powers of the internet. Spherus is a homebrew roleplaying system and setting that combines many elements of traditional RPGs such as D&D with a rich sci-fi setting and a dynamic combat system that allows for extreme variety and customization.

The rules and information available on this website have been extensively tested, but still continue to go through revisions. It is our intention to ensure that the combat skills and races are as balanced as possible, in order to make any of them a viable choice for aspiring warriors and adventurers. We always welcome comments and suggestions regarding these rules.

Whether you're a veteran of this system, or just now discovering it, this website will be your portal into a new galaxy of gaming. This site gives you everything you need to know in order to take up a character as they seek their fortunes within the vastness of this futuristic and unpredictable environment. Join us in exploring the galaxy of Spherus, where the future is now!

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