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Spherus: Armor

Armor Skill | Armor List | Zirlithium

Armor Skill:
All armor is classified as Light, Medium or Heavy. In all cases, the armor has a fixed penalty to agility for wearing the armor; if this penalty would reduce a character's Agility to 0 or lower, the armor may not be worn. In addition, if a character does not have the necessary skill to wear a class of armor, the character will suffer an armor penalty. The penalty applies to the character's To-Hit, AC, and all Ability Checks.

Skill Effect
0 No armor proficiency. Armor Penalty: Light -10, Medium -20, Heavy -30.
10 Light Armor proficiency. Armor Penalty: Medium -10, Heavy -20.
20 Medium Armor Proficiency. Armor Penalty: Heavy -10.
30 Heavy Armor proficiency. No penalties with any armor.

Armor List

Armor AC Bonus Type Agi Loss Cost Description
Strap Armor 10 Light 0 100 This armor consists of metal plates strapped onto the biceps, thighs, and chest.
Chain Armor 15 Light -5 400 Thousands of tiny chain links made into a body suit.
Zelzakian Armor 15 Light 0 2000 This is basically a supple, metal vest to protect a warrior from the waist up. Shoulder flairs or spikes are not uncommon. Though it does not offer complete protection, it is popular because it does not reduce mobility.
Armorian Half-Armor 15 Light 0 NA This is the shining armor, shaped to a warrior's body, worn by the Armorians. It only covers a warrior from the waist down, and the forearms. It is available to any Armorian upon request.
Chain-Plate Armor 25 Medium -10 1000 This is a combination of the previous two armors. It is a chain suit with metal plates strapped over the chest, legs, etc.
Armorian Full-Armor 30 Medium -5 NA This is the same as half-armor, but includes a chest protector, shoulder flairs and a helmet. Though bulkier and more uncomfortable than half-armor, it does not significantly reduce mobility.
Warchonian Armor 30 Medium 0 NA This amazing armor is forged from the black Warchonian metal, Titra-Ultren. It is formed into tiny diamonds that flex with a warrior's body. It must be totally custom-fitted to its owner, as the armor covers every inch of a warrior's skin. Other features include a small air tank - enough for 30 minutes - an infrared sensor in the visor, granting night-vision, a communications device, and a device in the mask that filters out any harmful or poisonous gasses.
Cyber-Suit 25 Medium -15 6000 The cyber-suit is a Spheran invention, and an experimental model of armor. Though it contains many useful gadgets, it is relatively bulky compared to the sinuous Warchon armor. Its special functions include: an oxygen tank, a gas-mask, a night-vision visor, a communicator, a mini-laser set into the wrist that, while not useful as a weapon, can be used as a knife, and a small jet-pack with enough fuel for about 20 minutes of flight at a speed of 400kmph.
Full Plate Armor 40 Heavy -15 5000 Strong metal plates forming a complete body suit and helmet. Note that the helmet does somewhat restrict hearing and peripheral vision. This has no effect in combat, but should be kept in mind.
Doom Armor 40 Heavy -15 NA This is the armor worn by the Priests of Doomsgate. It is basically the same design as full plate, but is covered with arcane symbols and razor-edged spikes. These spikes add +1 damage to any brawl or Art move, and do 1d2 damage to anyone attacking the armored warrior with their hands.
Guardian Armor 50 Heavy -25 10000 This is a gigantic suit of armor that completely covers a warrior from head to toe. It includes a full-visored mask and hulking shoulderpads, causing its wearer to resemble some sort of fearsome metal giant. Only the strongest warriors can even stand up while wearing this armor.
Quicksilver Bracers Dex/10 None 0 4000 This form of armor consists of a pair of shining metal bracers that are strapped to a warrior's arm. They are usually custom-fitted so that they cover the exact distance between a warrior's wrist and elbow. They can then be used to deflect attacks - if the warrior is quick enough, of course. These bracers are ALWAYS made of Zirlithium, as otherwise, they would be basically useless. They can be used in combination with the following armors: Strap armor, Zelzakian armor and Armorian Half-armor.

Zirlithium Armor

The indestructible metal Zirlithium is an excellent material for making armor. Not only does it provide better protection, but it weighs less as well. Unfortunately, it also costs much more than standard armor does. Zirlithium armor gives an AC of 10 better than the original armor, without increasing the class or agility loss of the armor.

Common Z-armors: Though common is a misleading word, the following zirlithium armors can usually be obtained easily enough if one has the time and money. The price will usually be about 20 times that of the standard price.

Strap Armor, Chain Armor, Chain-plate Armor, Full-plate Armor, Doom Armor, Zelzakian Armor.

Rare Z-armors: It is extremely difficult to find the following armors made out of zirlithium. Usually, if a suit does exist, it is considered almost priceless.

Armorian full-armor, Armorian half-armor, Guardian Armor.

Unavailable Z-armors: The following armors are NEVER made from Zirlithium:

Warchon Armor, Cyber-Suit.

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