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Spherus: Beyonder Weapons

Once a warrior has obtained skill 100 in their chosen weapon, they can move on to master the Beyonder Weapons. Each weapon is an improved version of a less powerful weapon. To master their Beyonder Weapon, a warrior must spend 50 skill points in that weapon once their normal weapon skill is already 100. Note that these skill points do NOT count towards any damage or to hit bonuses whatsoever. They ONLY allow the use of the Beyonder Weapon and nothing more.

Just because a warrior can use a Beyonder Weapon doesn't mean that getting one will be easy. Though they are "standard" in the sense that all Beyonder weapons of the same type are identical, they are still very rare and are never available in the standard commercial market.

Note that someone who is not skilled in the Beyonder Weapon cannot even attempt to use it (well, they can try, but it is impossible for them to hit with anything short of a natural 100, and even that is at the GM's discretion). The To-Hit scores shown here are NOT cut in half for the proficient warrior, they are simply to be used as written. Also note that there is NO Beyonder weapon for the Vitex Blade.

Tri-Edge (Throwing Dagger): A throwing star with three, ultra-sharp prongs, that cause three times the slashing damage. To-Hit: 5, Dam: 3d6, Speed: 0

Assassin's Dagger (Melee Dagger): This dark weapon does not appear vastly more powerful than the Melee dagger except when it is used in a "backstab" (an attack on an opponent who is totally unsuspecting of the coming blow), in which case it multiplies the total damage (including str.and skill Bonus!!) by 4. To-Hit: 15, Dam: 1d8+3, Speed: 2

Liquid Steel (Short Blade): Though this short sword appears broader and heavier than the standard short blade, it is in fact virtually weightless. A warrior fighting with the Liquid Steel attacks at twice their normal rate (ie 2 Deathblades a round instead of one). To-Hit: 15, Dam: 1d10+2, Speed: 0

Judgement Blade (Long Blade): The Judgement Blade, also referred to as the Armageddon Sword, is a supremely powerful blade that glows with white fire. All PP-using weapon attacks take twice the amount of PP when using the Judgement Blade. To-Hit: 15, Dam: 6d6+12, Speed: 4

Jagged Blade (Sabre): This version of the sabre has a serated edge that is capable of horribly mauling an opponent. To-Hit: 10, Dam: 8d4, Speed: 5

Sunderer (Blade-Hammer): This gargantuan sword is an even larger version of the Blade-Hammer. It is rumored to be able to split the very heavens in two. This sword can only be wielded by a warrior with strength 80 or higher. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 9d6, Speed: 12

Trident of Deniodus (Trident): This weapon appears at first glance to be a normal trident. However, when used in battle, it releases blasts of lightning at the user's will. One blast can be used per round, counting as a free attack. To-Hit: 25, Dam: 3d6, Speed: 6 Lightning Blasts (count as Psi-Xaquel attacks): To-Hit: 15, Dam: 8d6+20, Speed: 2

Grimblade (Battle-Scythe): This coldly glowing weapon is extremely powerful, but frigid to the touch. The user of this weapon loses 5 HP every round that he uses it in battle. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 5d8+5, Speed: 6

Butcher's Cleaver (Cleaver): A cleaver with a gigantic curved blade that quickly gets bathed in blood during battle. This weapon can only be wielded by a warrior with strength 70 or higher. To-Hit: 30, Dam: 12d4, Speed: 6

Apocalypse (Battle Axe): This gigantic axe has such a huge blade that it can cut through almost anything! This weapon takes strength 90 or higher to use. To-Hit: 30, Dam: 10d6, Speed: 14

Snake-Wind (Nunchaku): This weapon is a normal nunchaku except that it has curved blades fitted onto the ends. To-Hit: 10, Dam: 7d6, Speed: 3

Steel-Render (Cyber-Spear): This mechanical spear is so powerful that it can punch right through metal armor. This weapon ignores any armor that its target might be wearing. To-Hit: 25, Dam: 4d8 Speed: 7

Hammer of God (Hammer of Justice): This is a giant metal hammer that combines crushing force with holy power. It can only be wielded by warriors with a strength of 70 or higher and a will of 80 or higher. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 12d4, Speed: 8

Storm-Sabre (Thunder Blade): This weapon, which is similar, though somewhat longer, than the Thunder Blade is so powerful that a thunder-clap is heard everytime it is swung! To-Hit: 15, Dam: 4d10, Speed: 3

Murasame (Zeikfird Blade): The Black Blade Murasame is extremely powerful, but drains its user's strength. Each time it is used to attack, the user suffers 1 HP of damage for every die rolled. To-Hit: 15, Dam: 8d8, Speed: 4

Sword of Fire (Great Scimitar): This fiery sword is very powerful, but its heat inflicts 5 HP damage per round on its user. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 4d12, Speed: 5

5-Headed Whip (Energy Lash): This weapon is exactly the same as the Energy Lash, except it has five energy heads instead of one! They can attack 5 different targets or the same target at the user's discretion. To-Hit: 20, Dam:1d4 per head, Speed: 4

Crescent Fang (Boomerang): The Crescent Fang is a giant version of the boomerang! The blade on each side of the handle is about 3 feet long. It has a range of about 10 metres. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 6d6 Speed: 4

Kazash-Khiazek (Sword of Conquest) (Battleblade): These ornately carved Warchon weapons glow with symbols of the Dark God's power. They can only be used by those with Willpower 90 or higher and they consume double the PP for any PP-using weapon moves. To-Hit: 15, Dam: 6d6+10, Speed: 2

Klardt-Keel (War-bringer) (Skirmisher): These short, deadly blades have such a fine edge that they can punch through any armor, ignoring an opponent's armor-AC. To-Hit: 10, Dam: 4d6, Speed: 1

Drak-Es-Yarin (Drakkhaan's Maw) (Kunazash): The double-edged blades at the end of these long poles are capable of wreaking huge amounts of damage. To-Hit: 20, Dam: 9d6, Speed: 5

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