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Spherus: Motor Vehicles

Major Companies:

Deverel: The respectable family car company. Based on Deksiil.

Illumina: A snobby, upper-class car company, based on Electra.

Fitek: The super sports-car company. Their cars are generally considered the "hottest". Obviously, they are a Fenixan company.

Origina: The Spheran car company. Most Spherans don't buy cars not manufactured on their homeworld. Origina does not export very many of their cars.

Neotek: A new, high-tech Tortalian company. Though their cars are powerful and revolutionary, they don't have the "classy" reputation that Fitek and Illumina have.

Budget: The cheap company for the lower classes, Budget is an interplanetary company and has no single base of operation.

Spherusian Fuel: All Spherusian cars (except for the Sunstreak) run off a fuel called Hydrox. Hydrox in its natural state, is a viscous black liquid, similar to oil, but with many important differences. Hydrox is a hydrogen-oxygen compound that is infused with small traces of Coreshale, the fiery rock that makes up the core of all planets. Due to this, it is an extremely powerful fuel. Fenixa is by far the most abundant producer of Hydrox, but Chalchak, Dortal, Loric, Lorac and Sphere are all important producers. Hydrox burns incredibly cleanly, causing about 1/100th of the pollution of any other known carburant. Hydrox is actually renewed by water seeping deeply into the earth and mixing with Coreshale rock, a process that takes about 100 years from the time the water enters the soil.

Most Spherusian land cars run at about 35km/litre of Hydrox, while hover cars are closer to 50km/litre of Hydrox. Most cars have fuel tanks that hold between 30 and 40 litres. The average price of Hydrox is about 1 marque a litre, but this will vary greatly depending on many factors, including location, current political and industrial happenings and so forth.

Land Cars: Land cars are those that actually have wheels that touch the ground. Since they are generally outdated in modern Spherus, they are generally a lot cheaper.

Name Maneuver. Accel. Speed Price Passengers Notes
Deverel Rover 5 3 200 kph 4,500 5 The Rover is an old, reliable model of car, very popular before hover cars became commercially available.
Illumina Choice 5 8 300 kph 30,000 4 A very high class, Electran car. It is often seen as a 'status symbol' for high class Electran aristocrats.
Budget Beetle 2 3 90 kph 500 2 The absolute cheapest car you can buy. Often the first vehicle for young Spherusians who can't wait to get a set of wheels.
Budget Mope-head 6 7 120 kph 500 1 This is the cheap, land bike for wannabe-bikers.

Hover Cars: Hover cars are powered by a jet system that allows them to hover about a foot or two off the ground. Most of Spherus has converted away from the old ground car to the superior Hover model.

Name Maneuver. Accel. Speed Price Passengers Notes
Deverel Bluezone-7 6 6 400 kph 6,000 5 This is the standard "family car" of the of the galaxy. Reliable and affordable.
Illumina Lightning 7 7 800 kph 40,000 4 This car is known as the "high-class sports-car". It is very popular among young Electran aristocrats.
Neotek Sunstreak 8 6 600 kph 30,000 4 This is the first, fully functional solar powered car. Its powerful solar panels allow it to function even on the cloudiest of days.
Neotek Ultra 9 9 1200 kph 25,000 2 This supremely fast and maneuverable car is the product of Neotek's advanced engineering. Despite this, it is often known as the "computer-geek" car.
Origina Antiqua 6 7 500 kph 10,000 5 The basic "family car" on Sphere. It is higher in price than the Deverel Bluezone-7 mainly due to the higher per capita income on Sphere.
Origina Silver 9 7 600 kph 25,000 4 This is the high-class Spheran car. While not extremely fast, it is sleek and sophisticated.
Budget Goldbug 4 9 160 kph 2,000 2 The newer model of the popular Budget Beetle. By far the cheapest hover-car out there.
Fitek Firebolt 8 8 1500 kph 60,000 2 This is the ultimate classy sportscar. Sleek, fast and maneuverable, for years it has been recognized as the best car in the galaxy.
Fitek Comet 4 7 3000 kph 50,000 1 This car is built for nothing but speed! No other car comes even close to its raw power. These cars are what gave the name to the Fenixan term "Speed Demons".
Deverel Bluestreak Bike 7 6 400 kph 3,000 1 This is advertised as the "business-man's" bike. Its real market is for those people who want to ride bikes, but don't want to be classified as "Fenixan Bikers".
Fitek Star-Rider Bike 7 8 700 kph 8,000 1 This is often thought of as the standard Fenixan "Biker" bike. Faster and flashier than the Bluestreak, it is well suited to the harshness of Fenixa.
Fitek Cyclone Bike 10 10 1500 kph 50,000 1 Among Fenixan biker gangs, the Cyclone is the ultimate symbol of status! Entire wars have been fought between biker gangs for a single one of these bikes.

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