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Spherus: Chronology

The reader may note that though for many years the planets of Spherus had little or no contact with each other, major discoveries and events tended to take place at about the same time on all the planets of the galaxy. When enquired about this, the Gods of Spherus simply replied. "Hmm. What a coincidence."

Age Notation:

The Antiquan Age: 0 - 13 077: AC (After Creation)

The Age of Discovery: 13 078 - 180 087: ALSD (After LSD)

The Age of Chaos: 180 088 - 999 999: IY (Imperial Year)

The Age of Hope: 1 000 000 - 1 099 999: AP (After Prophecies)

The Imperial Age: 1 100 000 - 1 399 989: PG (Pax Galaktika)

The Modern Age: 1 399 990 - ?: AZ (After Zelzakia)

0 AC- The Gods create the races and planets of Dortal, Chalchak, Electra, Tortalus, Denchul, Armoria, Deksiil, Loric, Lorac, Arsa and Fenixa. Dagobros creates the planet Death and the Death-Grobi. Note that the planet and race of Sphere was already in existence at this time, a fact that has become little more than a legend over the many years of history.

768 AC- Electricity and other technologies are discovered. The Ancient Age ends.

1128 AC- Space flight is discovered.

1250 AC- The Ruby Phoenix of Fenixa is built.

1555 AC- The Order of Doom is founded.

2100 AC- Separate countries abolished, planets united under global rule.

0 ALSD- LSD (Long-range Space Drive) is developed, permitting first contact between planets.

161 ALSD- Spherans complete their Light Satellite.

8004 ALSD- First Interplanetary Council held on Deksiil.

12 923 ALSD- The Shadowcult is founded.

57 950 ALSD- Dagobros creates the planet and race of Terroria.

0 IY- Electra invades Denchul. The Electran Empire has begun beneath Emperor Kilant.

700 IY- Electrans complete Crysala and the Crystal Palace.

19 912 IY- Dagobros creates the Race of Warchor.

31 917 IY- The First Invasion of the Warchons.

198 333 IY- Tortalus "joins" the Electran Empire.

199 112 IY- Second Invasion of the Warchons.

199 912 IY- Universal Language is established on all the planets of the galaxy, except, of course, Warchor.

224 493 IY- Khal'Veihr is born.

232 584 IY- Bhrak-Varu becomes Khane-Moross of Warchor.

233 292 IY- Bhrak-Varu is killed by Khal'Veihr.

233 293 IY- Sy-Vediir is completed. Khal-Veihr founds the Sy-Keel.

241 493 IY- "Death" of Khal'Veihr.

257 940 IY- Fenaxis rises to power on Fenixa.

257 970 IY- Imperator Fenaxis begins the Fenixa Wars.

257 991 IY- Fenixa conquers Lorac.

257 993 IY- Fenixa conquers Arsa.

257 997 IY- Fenixan Armies defeated at the Battle of Deksiil.

257 999 IY- Fenaxis captured and executed by the Electrans. Fenixa once again falls into anarchy.

419 884 IY- Calleeon dor Deksiil is born.

422 024 IY- Calleeon becomes a Demi-God.

521 911 IY- S.A.R.C.A.N. (Secret Association of Renegades, Criminal, Assassins and Ne'erdowells) is founded.

586 970 IY- Third Invasion of the Warchons.

630 012 IY- Electra conquers Loric.

631 967 IY- Lorician rebels throw off Electran rule.

632 467 IY- Loric and Lorac form consulate.

0 AP- The First Time of the Heroes. The Prophecy is born, much to the chagrin of Dagobros. Doom is released upon the galaxy by the High Priest Warlock.

43 654 AP- Artificial Spam-O burgers are invented.

79 493 AP- Interplanetary Council bans use of Star Cannons.

0 PG- Second Time of the Heroes. The Gods join together to create Zelzakia.

2 001 PG- The High City of Zelzakia is founded.

20 599 PG- Zaygil declares himself First Zelzakian Emperor. Imperial Galaktika is formed.

100 000 PG- Third Time of the Heroes.

113 789 PG- Zelzakia conquers Chalchak.

151 911 PG- Zelzakia conquers Dortal.

179 887 PG- Emperor Zaygil is killed in a battle against the Electrans. Sygoss declares himself the Emperor.

198 776 PG- Zelzakia wrests control of Denchul from the Electrans.

200 000 PG- Fourth Time of the Heroes. Sygoss is killed, Degussi becomes the Emperor.

252 089 PG- Zelzakia conquers Loric.

263 071 PG- Zelzakia attacks Lorac. Fierce combat ensues.

278 920 PG- Electra and Deksiil launch counter-attack against Zelzakia.

291 287 PG- Gregory dor Armoria is born.

295 078 PG- Dedacus is born.

299 876 PG- Shredamus dor Chalchak is born.

299 888 PG- Shateus dor Chalchak is born.

299 905 PG- Phoenix dor Fenixa is born.

299 911 PG- Spacial dor Chalchak is born.

0 AZ- Dedacus "the Destroyer" eradicates the race of Zelzakia.

7 AZ- Electra reclaims Denchul.

10 AZ- The Fifth time of the Heroes. Phoenix, Spacial, Shredamus, Shateus, Gregory and Dedacus battle the Warriors.

164 AZ- Death of Spacial.

169 AZ- Death of Shredamus.

170 AZ- Death of Shateus.

388 AZ- Phoenix is killed by Karu-Kari. Firebird, Phoenix's son, hunts unsuccessfully for his father's killer.

419 AZ- Gregory and Dedacus perish in battle with remnants of the Zelzakian Army and the Imperial Galaktika.

40 724 AZ- Quin dor Arsa is born.

40 811 AZ- Diru'Skaar leads the Fourth Invasion of the Warchons, and is defeated by Quin the Guardian.

53 131 AZ- Deksiil completes their Orbitus.

58 831 AZ- Sphere secretly begins work on their Orbitus, the Omnia.

62 528 AZ- The Omnia is completed in secrecy.

83 332 AZ- Skole-Kiilu rises to power on Terroria.

87 301 AZ- Reaper dor Terroria is born.

87 504 AZ- The Demi-God Shadrez hunts Reaper. Death of Scayle.

87 514 AZ- The Reaper infiltrates Skole-Kiilu's palace.

92 631 AZ- "Daergoss" comes to Lorac.

92 911 AZ- Daergossian armies conquer Lorac and Loric. The Daergossian Empire is born.

93 039 AZ- The Daergossian Empire attempts to assimilate Deksiil.

93 819 AZ- Reaper and Starrin "unmask" Daergoss. The Daergossian Empire crumbles.

94 910 AZ- Voldt becomes Emperor of Electra at the age of 179.

95 010 AZ- The Khane-Moross Vlad-Kaross attends an Interplanetary Council.

95 417 AZ- Darkfist arises.

95 427 AZ- Reaper destroys Darkfist.

96 819 AZ- Gorsanov becomes High Priest of Doomsgate.

99 419 AZ- Gorsanov tries to revive the Zelzakian Empire. Reaper destroys the Demi-God Shadrez. Dergalus and Tirkaia become the leaders of New Zelzakia.

99 423 AZ- Dagobros summons Darkness to kill the Reaper. Firor dor Fenixa becomes the new Guardian.

99 761 AZ- Death of Firor. Kasu-Kilu becomes the Guardian and begins searching for the Heroes.

99 999 AZ- Khal'Veihr returns......?

100 010 AZ- The Sixth Time of the Heroes. The Fifth Invasion of the Warchons begins, led by Khal'Veihr. The Shadowcult attempts a takeover on Deksiil. The Dreadmasters of Sphere manipulate the leaders of Sphere to try and conquer the Galaxy. This is also the time of the Coming of the Tkjd'Ahckyll. All of Spherus is forced to unite against these unknown invaders. The Six Heroes, Dergalus, Tirkaia, Exildur, Flaeneril, Mindeira and Gorsanov must defeat Kjad'Vizekwtakll, the God of the Tkjd'Ahckyll.

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