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Spherus: Combined Moves

The following moves are attacks that combine two different fighting styles. A certain skill must be reached in both styles before the move can be used. Make sure to carefully read the description of each move, especially where it concerns which skill applies for To-Hit and Damage boni.

Brawl and Art users may use their Combined Moves as part of a Multi-attack combination. All 3 attacks must come from the same base skill-set (Art or Brawl); the attack is considered to take the number of skill-points required under that particular skill.

Prone: Some moves have the ability to knock an opponent prone. A prone opponent receives a -20 to hit, AC and all checks, and a +5 to speed. Opponents can use their action to recover from prone, or can do so as a non-action with a x1 Agi. Check (without the -20 implied by the Prone condition) on their turn.

Blind: Some moves have the ability to blind an opponent. Blinded opponents suffer a -20 to-hit during their next action, after which they recover from the blindness.

Winded: Some moves have the ability to wind an opponent. Winded opponents suffer a penalty of -10 to checks and AC and +3 speed until the start of their next action.

Knockback: Some moves have the ability to knock an opponent backwards. The attacker can choose to move a foe that they afflicted with knockback one hexagon in any direction.

Undefendable: Some moves are undefendable (defense). The Defense skill cannot be used to block such moves.

Technique To-Hit Damage Speed Bonus Cost Check
Forehead Bash
(Art 20, Brawl 20)
40 3d8 3 +1 Hit for 10 Art skill
+1 dam for 10 Brawl skill
--- ---
Vitals Punch
(Art 30, Brawl 30)
30 5d4 4 +2 Hit for 10 Art skill
+1 dam for 10 Art skill
Foe x1 Hlth - 2x damage else winded.
--- ---
(Art 40, Brawl 35)
35 2d10 6 +1 Hit for 10 Brawl skill
+1 dam for 10 Brawl skill
Foe x1 Str - damage else prone.
--- ---
Unarmed Mastery
(Art 50, Brawl 50)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Smash Punch
(Art 60, Brawl 45)
5d8 7 +2 Hit for 10 Art skill
+2 dam for 10 Brawl skill
--- ---
Iron Muscles
(Art 50, Brawl 60)
--- --- --- -10 dam from Art and Brawl attacks --- ---
Razor's Edge
(Art 100, Brawl 70)
20 20d6 8 +2 Hit for 10 Brawl skill
+2 dam for 10 Brawl skill
--- Foes make x1 Str and x1 Hlth else take 10d10 damage.
Force Wave
(Art 20, Psi 40)
15 10d4 3 +1 Hit for 10 Psi skill
+1 dam for 10 Psi skill
30 pp x2 Will else failure.
Double Attack
(Art 20, Weapons 50)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Steel Fury
(Art 50, Weapons 50)
Weapon x4 Weapon Weapon +1/+1 for 10 Weapon skill --- x1 Agi and x1 Dex
Triple Attack
(Art 40, Weapons 75)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Visual Illusion
(Art 15, Firearms 30)
Gun Gun+2 Firearms Bonus --- x2 Dex.
Gun Style
(Art 50, Firearms 15)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Disarm Reversal
(Art 40, Firearms 25)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Low Blow
(Brawl 15, Weapons 25)
Weapon Weapon Weapon +1/+1 for 10 Weapon skill
Foe x2 Agi - damage or be prone.
--- ---
Drop of Doom
(Brawl 50, Weapons 20)
Weapon x2 Weapon
+ x2 Strength
Weapon + 4 +1/+1 for 10 Weapon skill --- x2 Str.
Terminator Style
(Brawl 30, Firearms 40)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Double Shot
(Brawl 40, Firearms 30)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
(Weapons 25, Firearms 25)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
(Weapons 30, Firearms 15)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Whirlwind Blade
(Psi 45, Weapons 60)
20 x3 Weapon+20 4 +1 hit for 10 Weapon skill
+1 dam for 10 Psi skill
50 psi x2 Will.
(Psi 60, Weapons 50)
20 14d6+20 5 +1 To-Hit for 10 Weapon skill
+1 Dam for 10 Psi skill
60 psi x1 Will.
Psychic Bullet
(Psi 60, Firearms 45)
Gun Gun
+ 50
Gun + 3 Firearms Bonus.
Foe gets -10 to checks until next action
20 psi Gun destruction.

Art and Brawl

Forehead Bash (Art 20, Brawl 20): With this attack, a warrior bashes his opponent with a vicious head-butt. Very effective when a warrior's hands and legs are bound. To-Hit: 40, dam: 3d8, speed: 3 (+1 To-Hit for every 10 Art skill, +1 Dam for every 10 Brawl skill).

Vitals Punch (Art 30, Brawl 30): This attack is directed against an opponent's nerve spot, and thus has a significant chance of reducing the opponent's fighting ability. Opponent must make a x1 Health check with a penalty equal to twice the damage inflicted by the Vitals Punch. If the check is failed, the opponent is winded. To-Hit: 30, dam: 5d4, speed: 4 (+2 To-Hit/10 Art skill, +1 Dam/10 Art skill).

Takedown (Art 40, Brawl 35): A vicious kick to the opponent's knees and shins takes their leg out from under them. Opponent must make a x1 Str. Check with a penalty of the damage inflicted or else be knocked prone. To-Hit: 35, dam: 2d10, speed: 6 (+1 To-Hit/10 Brawl Skill, +1 Dam/10 Brawl Skill).

Unarmed Mastery (Art 50, Brawl 50): With this ability, the warrior has mastered the diverse forms of unarmed fighting, and is able to weave the skills together seamlessly. When performing a Multi-attack option, the warrior may use both their Art and Brawl skill, drawing moves from either set. The total skill points used in the Multi-attack cannot exceed 100, regardless of the warrior's total Art and Brawl skill.

Smash Punch (Art 60, Brawl 45): With this attack, the warrior combines the precision of their Art skill with the raw power of Brawling to punch through solid materials, allowing their fist to penetrate an opponent's armor. To-Hit: 30, dam: 5d8, speed: 7 (+2 To-Hit/10 Art skill, +2 Dam/10 Brawl Skill).

Iron Muscles (Art 50, Brawl 60): Passive ability. With this ability, the warrior has become so familiar with unarmed fighting that their muscles are conditioned to resist enemy blows. The warrior suffers 10 less damage from all Brawl and Art attacks.

Razor's Edge (Art 100, Brawl 70): The ultimate wrestling move was designed by the all-powerful warrior, Razor Ramon. Oozing machissimo all over the place, the user of this move picks up his opponent and slams them to the ground in a very unlikely and classic WWF fashion. In addition, all opponents within a 10-foot radius (including the target) must make a x1 Strength and a x1 Will check when this move is used. If they fail either check, they take 10d10 damage from the pure machissimo. To-Hit: 20, dam: 20d6, speed: 8 (+2 To-Hit/10 Brawl skill, +2 Dam/10 Brawl Skill).

Art and Psi-Xaquel

Force Wave (Art 20, Psi 40): With this move, a warrior slams his hand into the ground, causing a ripple of psychic energy that shoots forth in a path along the ground. This energy moves in a straight path 5 feet across and 20 feet long, and strikes anyone in its area of effect. It counts as an area Psi-Xaquel attack, and is thus undefendable. To-Hit: 15, dam: 10d4, speed: 3, 30 pp (+1 To-Hit/10 Psi skill, +1 Dam/10 Psi skill). Need x2 will check or else failure.

Art and Weapons

Double Attack (Art 20, Weapons 50): The warrior applies combination skills learned from their Martial Arts to the use of their weapon. This allows the warrior to perform two Normal Attacks with their weapon, at the expense of any to-hit or damage bonuses from skill.

Steel Fury (Art 75, Weapons 75): The warrior uses his martial arts technique to launch a flurry of cutting blows, shredding his opponent to ribbons. Counts as a Weapon attack. To-Hit: as weapon, dam: x4 weapon, speed: as weapon (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 weapon skill). Requires x1 Agi check and x1 Dex check. If either fails, do a normal attack.

Triple Attack (Art 40, Weapons 75): The warrior's combination skill with weapons improves even further, allowing him to perform three Normal Attacks with their weapon, at the expense of any to-hit or damage bonuses from skill.

Art and Firearms

Visual Illusion (Art 15, Firearms 30): By twirling his weapon in an intricate pattern, a warrior confuses his opponent as to where exactly his shot is coming from. Counts as a Firearm attack, cannot be combined with Headshot or Strafe. To-Hit: as gun (ignores target's AC from agility), dam: as gun, speed: as gun +2 (Standard firearm bonuses). Requires x2 Dex check else attack misses automatically.

Gun Style (Art 50, Firearms 15): The martial artist is able to use a basic handgun attack as part of an Art combo. This attack counts as a 25-skill attack.

Disarm Reversal (Art 40, Firearms 25): With this move, the martial artist snatches a handgun right from an opponent's grasp and uses it for himself. The user must make an Opposed Dex check against the target for the move to succeed. If it does, the user may immediately attack the target with the handgun, which the target now no longer has!

Brawl and Weapons

Low Blow (Brawl 15, Weapons 25): The devious warrior uses his weapon to take out his opponent's knee-caps with this dirty move. Target must make (x2 Agi. - damage inflicted) or be knocked prone. To-Hit: as weapon, dam: as weapon, speed: as weapon (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 weapon skill).

Drop of Doom (Brawl 50, Weapons 20): The warrior raises his weapon high above his head, and using all his brute strength, brings it down in a massive crushing blow. Counts as a Weapon attack. To-Hit: as weapon, dam: x2 weapon + x2 str. Bonus, speed: as weapon +4 (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 weapon skill). Requires x2 Str check else do normal attack

Brawl and Firearms

Terminator Style (Brawl 30, Firearms 40): This technique allows a brawler to fight with rifles and automatics in both hands as well as hand-guns. The normal rules for 2-gun use apply.

Double Shot (Brawl 40, Firearms 30): This move can only be used when a brawler is using a single hand-gun. Using his other hand for support, he fires off two shots in rapid succession, effectively allowing him to attack twice with the hand-gun in the round.

Weapons and Firearms

Weaponsmaster (Weapons 25, Firearms 25): Skilled in all forms of weaponry, the warrior is able to wield a handgun and a light weapon with no penalties to either attack.

Deflection (Weapons 30, Firearms 15): The warrior understands the ballistics of firearms, and is able to deflect them with a weapon. While thus armed, the warrior receives +1 AC/10 Weapon skill against all Firearms attacks.

Weapons and Psi-Xaquel

Whirlwind Blade (Psi-X 45, Weapons 60): The warrior circles his weapon above his head, creating a glowing disk of energy, and with a mere gesture of his weapon, sends it sailing towards his opponent. Counts as a Psi-Xaquel attack. To-Hit: 20, dam: x3 weapon +20, speed: 4, takes 50 PP (+1 To-Hit/10 Weapon skill, +1 Dam/10 Psi-X skill). Requires x2 Will check or else failure.

Fire-blast (Psi-X 60, Weapons 50): In a flash of Psi-Fire, a warrior's sword starts flaming, and he whips it through the air, sending a giant fireball streaking towards his opponent. Counts as a Psi-Xaquel attack. To-Hit: 20, dam: 14d6+20, speed: 5, takes 60 PP (+1 To-Hit/10 Weapon skill, +1 Dam/10 Psi-X skill). Requires x1 Will check or else failure

Psi-Xaquel and Firearms

Psychic Bullet (Psi-X 60, Firearms 45): The warrior channels a massive amount of psychic energy through his firearm, firing it out in pure blasts of destructive force. Counts as a Firearm attack. There is a chance that the power of this attack will destroy the Firearm that is being used as a focus. This % chance is equal to 1/4 of a warrior's Psi-X skill (ie the extra damage). The chance is 10% greater if the weapon being used is a hand-gun and 10% less if the weapon is a launcher weapon (ie small handguns are more readily destroyed by this attack than anything else). Note that this attack still uses up the Firearm's regular ammunition. To-Hit: as Firearm, dam: as Firearm + 50, speed: as Firearm +3, takes 20 PP (Normal Firearms bonus).

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