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Spherus: Culture

The following is a list of people, businesses and general information about the culture of the Galaxy of Spherus. This should generally familiarise you with the basic famous groups that all characters should know about. The last thing I should note, well, is that the following section was not written by me. Full credit to the actual writer.

McCrocks: The largest interplanetary fast-food restaurant, specializing in burgers and fries. The joke behind it: McDonalds (in the real world) was originally just a crappy burger joint owned by some guy named McDonald. It was bought by a game named Ray Crock, and he's the one that made it into the huge company that it is today. However, he kept the name McDonald's as he must have thought it sounded better than Crock's. Thus the origin of this joke.

Burger King: A fast-food chain that serves fish and chicken burgers.

Fish & Chicken King: A fast-food chain that serves only pure beef Hamburgers.

Dairy King: Another fast-food chain.

Papa Rigatoni's: A chain of pasta restaurants that has recently become VERY popular on Deksiil. They are not yet interplanetary, but are making plans for expansion. Their pasta sauce is rumored to be the best in the galaxy.

Hamburger: A type of burger with a 100% beef paddy.

Beefburger: A type of burger with a 100% pork paddy.

Artificial Spam-O Burger: An extremely cheap brand of burger made with artificial Spam-O.

Milk: Legendary stuff.

Mr. T-O's: A brand of breakfast cereal that looks like different kinds of Mr. T's face. There are three different kind of T's in every box: agitated Mr. T, angry Mr. T, and just plain pissed off Mr. T. One bowl contains 100% of your daily mineral in-take (mainly gold), as well as all the badassness you need to get going in the morning.

Slip Slop Taylors: A fairly classy clothing chain, they deal in both men's and women's clothing. They also sell the coveted Neon-Black socks.

Neon-Black Socks: A very coveted product in Spherus. They are socks which are neon-black in color.

Babba: A very popular band in Spherus.

LSD: Short for 'Long-range Space Drive'. The official name for the 'warp' system of Spherus. It works by shifting space-craft into some kind of sub-dimension where both distance and time are greatly condensed. While in LSD mode, ships cannot be detected either visually or by radar. However, the nature of an LSD drive tries to 'pull' all near-by matter into the LSD dimension, and most drives are only powerful enough to handle the ship they are installed in. Thus, when approaching a large mass, such as a planet, ships must exit LSD a fair ways ago, because a they get closer, the drive tries to 'pull' the planet into LSD mode, which naturally, it is incapable of doing, and thus it fails and the ship is 'pulled' out of LSD. Yes, this is a fairly intricate concept, I've tried to state it as simply as I can.

SARCAN: Short for 'Secret Association of Renegades, Criminals, Assassins and Ne'er-do-wells'. An incompetent organization of would-be villains. Back in Saskatoon, SARCAN is the name of our recycling centre.

Lazertek: The interplanetary mega-conglomaterate, and the only company that manufactures laser weapons. As such, they are a very powerful company, perhaps the largest in the galaxy.

Del Monte: The giant fruit company, they provide the best fruit in the galaxy, both canned and fresh.

Mr. Xigos: The owner of Lazertek Corporation. He is seen as kind of like the 'Bill Gates' of Spherus - everyone kind of suspects him of being evil, but he's never done anything to prove it. Arguably the richest man in the galaxy, with the possible exception of...

The Man from Del Monte: The enormously wealthy owner of the Del Monte fruit company. He is extremely suave and debonair, and also an all-powerful super-warrior. As far as is known, he is only capable of saying 3 words: 'Yes', 'No', and 'Zimbabwe'. "And the Man from Del Monte said: Yes!" (Also one of my quotes..)

Emperor Voldt: The current Emperor of the Electran Empire, seen as the single most important political figure in the galaxy. He is actually quite young for an Emperor, and rumored to be rather theatrical.

B.I.G.: Acronym for Big Industrial Giants. A company that manufactures contruction equipment and other big things.

VERY B.I.G.: Acronym for Very Big Industrial Giants. A sub-division of B.I.G., they manufacture GIGANTIC construction vehicles, super-cranes, etc...

Mr. Big: The owner of both B.I.G. and VERY B.I.G.. It's rumored that he spends his time driving around in a B.I.G. bulldozer bulldozing things.

Papa Rigatoni Security: The Papa Rigatoni's restaurant chain has the best security in the world. You can and will get thrown in jail for trying to steal a stir-stick there. No one messes with the Papa Rigatoni's goons.

The Asteroid Belt: As its name asteroid belt that separates the planet of Sphere from the rest of the galaxy. It is the only place where the super-metal, Zirlithium, can be found. Thus, the Spherans have a complete monopoly on the Zirlithium industry.

The Liberal Party of Spherus: A political party - obviously based on the Canadian liberal party. They don't run any planets, in fact, they hardly ever seem to be on the ballets, but their leader is always campaigning. For more information on them, see my brother's Web-site and Super Adventures 2 and 3.

Days of the Week: A very popular soap opera in Spherus. Its key to popularity is that every week, they advertise that you might finally get to see the arch-villain, Mr. Fou. But of course, you never actually do. And people believe that they might anyway.

Mr. Fou: Pronounced MIHSS-ter FOO. The arch-villain from Days of the Week. He is a master of Voodoo, Yoga, Witchcraft and many other things. He does all these villainous things that villains from soap operas do. He has never actually been seen over the history of the long-lived series.

Norwich Union: An insurance company that is supposedly directed towards old people, but try to sell to everyone anyway. Their main power is some guy who goes around saying "And if you should die of a fatal accident, your benefit TRIPLES, up to THREE hundred dollars."

Menthoss: A small, life-saver type candy. It is rumored to give super-powers, including the ability to out-run a car. However, over-doses on it can be quite dangerous...

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SPHERUS is copyright Jeff and Jeremy Long. Anyone reproducing or borrowing these files without his permission will be immediately destroyed by Mr. T's cabbage gun.