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Spherus: Currency

The currency system of Spherus is fairly simple. The main money (equivalent to dollars) is called "marks", or sometimes "marques" depending on preference, as both are universally accepted. There is also a sub-denomination called "pesos". There are 12 pesos to the mark (as opposed to the usual decimal conventions). Anyway, the whole galaxy uses this currency (except for Warchor, where they don't HAVE money), so you don't have to worry about exchange rates or anything.

I've decided to put up a price list, just to give people the general idea of how much things should cost. For many things, notably low-tech stuff like food and clothing, the mark is fairly equivalent to the dollar (well, closer to the Canadian one, I guess). Other things, notably high-tech electronics, are quite a bit cheaper than they are today.

The following is just a general list of common items so you get an idea for how much things cost. Note that these prices could vary quite a bit depending on where you buy them (for instance, milk would be quite expensive on Fenixa, where there is little demand and storage presents a major problem):

Pair of Neon-Black Socks: 5 marks
Milk (per litre): 1 mark
Basic Lap-top Computer: 60 marks
Flashlight: 15 marks
Standard 'family' car (new): 8000 marks
Sports-type car (new): 25 000+ marks
Crappiest car on the market (new): 500 marks
Long Blade: 80 marks
Interplanetary plane ticket (working class): 60-80 marks
Silver Dust (kind of like Concord) ticket: 500 marks
Standard Camera: 30 marks
Solid Gold Watch: 1000+ marks
Anything made of Zirlithium: 10 times normal price, at least

Note that both hotels and restaurants tend to be very cheap (as I found that if they weren't, PCs often go broke at an alarming rate).

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