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Spherus: Defense Rules

Teleportation: If a warrior uses teleportation against a Psi attack, the attacker can opt to redirect their attack to the target's new location. To do this, the attacker must make a x1 Willpower check and spend additional Psi Points equal to 10% of the technique's original cost.

Undefendable: Some moves are undefendable (defense). The Defense skill cannot be used to block such moves.

The Defense System

During normal combat, Defense still adds the user's Def-skill/5 to their normal Armor Class. In addition, Defense allows a warrior a (potential) chance to cancel out any attack used against him as a free action. The rules for this are as follows.

1. Eligibility:
The Defender's combined skill in both Defense and the Combat Skill being used against him must be greater than or equal-to the skill needed to perform the Attack being used against him. Furthermore, half or more of the Defender's skill-total must come strictly from skill in Defense. For this purpose, Gun Attacks take twice the skill needed to become proficient in their respective types, and normal Weapon attacks take the skill needed to be proficient with them. Also, Weapon skill is considered relevant for blocking both Weapon and Firearm attacks. Laser weapons and area attacks cannot be defended against in this manner. If the Defender's skill combination does not meet this criteria, then the attack cannot be blocked.

2. Opposed Check:
If the Defender can eligibly block an incoming attack, then both he and the attacker make opposed 1d100 rolls. The Attacker adds exactly the same bonuses (from skill, stats and move-specific bonuses) that he just added to the To-Hit roll of his attack. The Defender adds: a) +1 for every 10 skill in Defense; b) the relevant stat-bonuses according to the combat skill they are blocking (Art/Brawl/Weapons: Str+Dex, Psi: Int, Guns: Dex x2). If the Defender's total is equal-to or higher than the Attackers, then the attack has been succesfully blocked.

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