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Spherus: Divine Favor

It has been proven time and again throughout the history of Spherus that the Gods sometimes meddle in the affairs of mortals, and when they do, big changes can easily come to pass. When all six Gods combine their force together, there is little that can get in their way. But how do characters profit from the gods? How can they be exploited to the advantage of the average PC? Well, you could always seal a deal with the gods, but only certain people can make it a binding contract. All the same, characters can gain combat bonuses for receiving divine favor from the Gods.

Along with making the rest of your character, you also must choose which God you wish to follow. I've found that the VAST majority of characters are godless, but some races are practically obliged to follow a god, such as Warchons and Armorians. Should you choose to follow a God, you are generally advised to act in a manner that the God would find suitable. Acting contrary to the beliefs of your God can lead to the loss of their favor. Any God can grant you divine favor, regardless of your affilitaiton, though it is very difficult to aquire divine favor from a God you don't follow and takes a stupendous act of their nature. For instance, destroying Doom Fortress would gain you a great deal of favor from Millius.

Divine favor is handed out as the GM sees fit, or taken away should the situation require. Bonuses are granted for every 100 positive divine favor. Each God provides a different bonus, as will be outlined below.

Millius: Millius is the God Of Light and Good. Following him and grants you a soak of 1 (-1 damage from all attacks) for every 100 divine favor. Once you get a couple thousand divine favor, like some Armorians have, you're pretty hard to hurt.

Dagobros: Dagobros is the God of Darkness and Evil. Following him, you receive a +1 to hit and damage per 100 divine favor. Warchons and Doom Priests are almost guaranteed to be part of His dark flock.

Nobelius: Nobelius is the God Of Justice And The Skies. For each 100 positive divine favor from him, you receive a -1 to damage from enemy Psi attacks. The Supreme Court of Arsa is said to be a mortal personification of this deity.

Tetriadus: Tetriadus is the rowdy and furious God of rage, fire, war and chaos. For every 100 divine favor from him you receive a +1 to damage with physical attacks. The impulsive Fenixans are the the product of his boiling imagination.

Deniodus: Deniodus is the conniving God of water, deception, sneakery and pure cunning. For every 100 positive divine favor from him you receive a +1 to damage with Psi attacks. The scientific Tortalians were created in his image.

Wartonius: Wartonius is the God of honor, earth and valorous combat. Loyal followers who obtain his favor gain a +1 damage with physical attacks per 100 divine favor. He was responsable for creating the barbaric Dortalians and Chalchakians.

Godless: The vast majority of characters are Godless. They don't follow any particular God and can do as they wish to. They don't tend to receive much favor from any of the Gods. Only huge acts can allow them to gain the attention of the holy pantheon.

Adam West: Adam West is obviously one of the supreme gods, but strangely, he has very few followers. Peculiar, that.

One extra note for extremely powerful characters. Normally your physical stats cannot exceed 100, but for every 100 positive divine favor, your stats can go up by one more each. The bonuses of the stats continue along the same lines as before.

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