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Spherus: Famous Figures

Fenixor: One of the first governors of the city of Fenixa, he directed the construction of the Ruby Phoenix.

Dargere: The first High Priest of Doomsgate, and the original founder of the Order of Doom. He is still revered as something of a hero among Dagos-worshippers.

Krievin Dor Deksiil: The President of Deksiil and the man who first hosted the Interplanetary Council and proposed the Galactic Alliance.

Dragain: The High Priest of Doomsgate, third successor to Dargere, who founded the Shadowcult following the first Interplanetary Council in 21 082.

Kilant Dor Electra: Kilant was the first Emperor of the Electran Empire, and is regarded as almost the most important figure in Spherusian history. Though he is viewed by the Electrans as a hero and a visionary leader, some less biased historians have expressed some doubt as to his true character.

Khaad'Teq: The first Khane-Moross of the Race of Warchor, and the man who led the First Invasion of the Warchons.

Zirril-Tagis: The female Khane-Moross of Warchor that led the Second Invasion of the Warchons.

Khal'Veihr: Khal'Veihr, known also as He Who Walks in the Shadows, the Bringer of Destiny, and many other names, was the supreme hero of the Race of Warchor, and the founder of the Sy-Keel-Moross. There are legends among the Warchons that when Khal'Veihr returns to the mortal world, he shall lead the Race of Warchor to supreme domination of the galaxy. Khal'Veihr supposedly "died" in the year 421 581, but his body was never found.

Fenaxis Dor Fenixa: The only great leader of Fenixa, Imperator Fenaxis began the bloody and savage Fenixa Wars, that tore apart the galaxy for thirty years. The Wars ended when Fenaxis was captured and executed by the Electran Empire in the year 438 087.

Calleeon Dor Deksiil: Calleeon was once the greatest warrior that the universe had ever known, but the Gods of Good decided to make him their personal Demi-God. Shrad-Vinjess: The Khane-Moross of Warchor who led the Third Invasion of the Warchons.

Israck Dor Lorac: One of the Six Heroes during the first time of the Heroes, he died in sealing the entity Doom back in its dimension.

Basrick Dor Lorac: One of the Six Heroes and Israck's brother, he also died at the Battle of Doomsgate.

Corl Dor Lorac: One of the Six Heroes and a friend of Israck and Basrick, he and Flak were the only ones to survive the battle that killed the rest of the heroes.

Caermid Dor Armoria: An Armorian relief worker that was sent to Lorac, he was one of the Heroes that died at Doomsgate.

Daevil Dor Lorac: A former Doompriest, he joined the heroes in defeating Doom at the Battle of Doomsgate.

Flak Dor Fenixa: A descendant of Fenixor, and one of the only heroes to survive the battle against Doom.

Warlock: The all-powerful High Priest of Doomsgate that managed to summon the entity Doom into the mortal universe. His real name has been forgotten, as Warlock is merely a pseudonym.

Liemon Dor Deksiil: The man who invented Artificial Spam-O burgers.

Krellmid Dor Deksiil: The President of Deksiil during the Creation of Zelzakia (Creation Supremus), in the year 1 100 000. He was one of the Six Heroes and the prime advocate for Zelzakia's survival.

Kasald Dor Electra: The Emperor of Electra in the year 1 100 000, he wanted to destroy the Zelzakian "savages" before they had a chance to flourish.

Belara Dor Electra: Empress of Electra, she was one of the Six Heroes that wanted to save the Zelzakian race.

Zannath Dor Electra: A general in the Electran army, he defied his Emperor's orders to preserve the race of Zelzakia. He was also one of the Six Heroes, and was rumored to be the Empress Belara's lover, though these rumors were never confirmed.

Elmyrria Dor Armoria: Elmyrria was one of the Six Heroes, and an Elder of Armoria. She also fought against Kasald to preserve the Zelzakians.

Exanos Dor Zelzakia: One of the Six Heroes, Exanos was one of the chieftains of Zelzakia, and the father of Zaygil.

Pyros Dor Fenixa: The Governor of the City of Fenixa during Creation Supremus, Pyros was one of the Six Heroes. He fought to ward off the savage desire of the Fenixans to eradicate Zelzakia.

Zaygil: The First Emperor of the Zelzakian Empire and the founder of the Imperial Galaktika, the almighty Zaygil ruled the Empire for more than a 150 thousand years before being killed in battle with the Electrans in the year 1 279 887.

Gohlaminnur the Betrayer: The only Armorian to ever stray from the path of Light, he was known throughout the galaxy as "The Armorian Criminal". On Armoria, he was known as The Betrayer and the Forsaken One.

Georn Dor Arsa: A policeman and one of the Six Heroes, he fought against the corruption that was invading the High Justice of Arsa.

Vyn Dor Arsa: Like Georn, also one of the Heroes and an incorruptible policeman.

Laivin Dor Arsa: A civilian woman, and one of the Six Heroes. Laivin was eventually the one who gave testimony to end the threat of corruption.

Argainin Dor Arsa: A judge of the Arsan High Justice, and one of the Six Heroes. Argainin fought against the corruption of his colleagues.

Daygin Dor Arsa: One of the Six Heroes. A convicted criminal who helped the other Heroes uncover their enemies.

Zanoss Dor Fenixa: A Fenixan renegade, he came to Arsa to escape the wrath of the various biker gangs. One of the Six Heroes who helped uncover the plot of the Shadow.

Sygoss: Sygoss claimed the Imperial Seat of Zelzakia after the death of Zaygil in 1 279 887. Often called "The Shadowcaster", many historical texts describe Sygoss as a dark-hearted maniac bent on total domination of the universe. He was killed by the Heroes in 1 300 000.

Bjorn Dor Deksiil: A Deksiilan soldier, Bjorn was one of the Six Heroes that battled the Imperial Galaktika and eventually killed Emperor Sygoss.

Markel Dor Deksiil: Another member of the Deksiilan army and a Hero that defeated Sygoss.

Phaetus Dor Deksiil: A Deksiilan fighter pilot, he was one of the Six Heroes that fought against Sygoss the Shadowcaster.

Charreides Dor Armoria: An Armorian prisoner of war taken by the Zelzakian army. He was freed by the Deksiilan soldiers and helped to destroy Sygoss.

Fiona Dor Terroria: A former prostitute who worked in a brothel that was destroyed by Sygoss and the Zelzakians. She became one of the Six Heroes who eventually defeated the Shadowcaster.

Cronos Dor Fenixa: A mercenary and a descendant of Fenixor, he enlisted with the Deksiilan army to fight against the Imperial Zelzakian. He was one of the Six Heroes, and one of the few who survived the fight against Sygoss.

Degussi: Sygoss' successor to the Imperial Seat, the mighty Emperor Degussi reigned for almost 100 thousand years until the destruction of Zelzakia in 1 399 990.

Sarix Dor Electra: The Emperor of Electra that led the joint Electran-Deksiilan counter-strike against the Imperial Galaktika.

Spacial Dor Chalchak: One of the Six Heroes, a birth defect made him have to use a mask to breathe.

Shredaimus Dor Chalchak: A wandering warrior that lived on Chalchak, he was one of the Six Heroes that fought against the Gem Warriors.

Shaitus Dor Chalchak: Something of a disreputable figure, he was nevertheless Chalchak's strongest warrior and joined the Six Heroes in the battle against the Gem Warriors.

Gregory Dor Armoria: The strongest of the Six Heroes who battled the Warriors, Gregory came to Chalchak to find the Heroes, unsuspecting that he would be one himself.

Phoenix Dor Fenixa: A descendant of Fenixor, he was once a Fenixan scientist who left his home world to live as a hermit on Chalchak. He was one of the Heroes who fought the Gem Warriors, and was killed by Karu-Kari in the year 1 400 378.

Dedacus the Destroyer: Dedacus was a rogue member of the Imperial Galaktika and the man who, with the help of the Gods, destroyed the planet and race of Zelzakia. He later became one of the Six Heroes who faced the Gem Warriors, and died with Gregory in a battle against remnants of the Imperial Galaktika.

Rocko Dor Chalchak: A Chalchakian criminal who tried numerous times to kill the Heroes.

Cubitor Dor Dortal: The Gem Warrior of the Earth, he came to Chalchak and was killed in battle with Shredaimus, Spacial and Phoenix, though Shredaimus also died in the battle (only to be revived later on).

Aldimor Dor Tortalus: The Warrior of the Wind, he came to Chalchak with his friend and fellow Warrior Isoldar when he felt the death of Cubitor. His right eye was replaced by his Gem.

Isoldar Dor Tortalus: The Warrior of the Seas, and the cunning friend of Aldimor. He was the only Warrior to survive after the battle with the Heroes. His Gem was placed in his left eye.

Tetraderre Dor Zelzakia: Once a Zelzakian rebel and arch-rival of Dedacus, he became the Warrior of Fire. He was defeated by Dedacus and Gregory, but with his death he managed to kill Dedacus as well (though, like Shredaimus, Dedacus was also revived through the power of the Universe Gem).

Mek-Slaks Dor Deksiil: The Warrior of the Universe, Mek-Slaks was the most powerful fighter in all of Spherus. He wanted to become a demi-god as Calleeon had, but was defeated by the Six Heroes.

Karu-Kari: A member of the Sy-Keel-Moross, the assassins of Warchor, he killed Phoenix as part of his "training".

Degrus Dor Zelzakia: The leader of the Imperial Galaktika that were stationed on Lorac at the time of Zelzakia's destruction, he returned to seek vengeance against Dedacus. Both he and Dedacus perished in battle together in the year 1 400 409.

Cast: An evil Spheran Warlord who was obsessed with becoming the strongest warrior in the universe, and eventually a demi-god. The Dreadmasters had him assassinated in the year 1 430 998.

Quin Dor Arsa: One of the Guardians, he defeated Diru'Skaar and ended the Fourth Invasion of the Warchons.

Diru'Skaar: The Khane-Moross that led the Fourth Invasion of the Warchons, he was killed by Quin the Guardian in the year 1 440 801.

Reaper Dor Terroria: One of the most powerful Guardians, he eventually became the most hated mortal by Dagobros.

Daergoss: A mysterious man who started the "Daergossian Empire", he was unmasked by Reaper and Starrin as Dagobros Incarnate.

Voldt Dor Electra: Becoming Emperor of Electra in the year 1 494 900, Voldt was the youngest man ever to ascend the Crystal Throne.

Vlad-Kaross: One of the Khane-Moross of Warchor, he attended an Interplanetary Council in an effort to learn more about his adversaries.

Gorsanov: The High Priest of Doomsgate that tried to revive the Zelzakian Empire in the year 1 499 409. He was apparently killed then, but returned later as one of the Six Heroes in the year 1 500 000.

Dergalus Dor Deksiil: Originally a government agent from Deksiil, he later became the Emperor of New Zelzakia, and one of the Six Heroes.

Tirkaia Dor Loric: A former government agent from Loric, Tirkaia married Dergalus and became the Empress of New Zelzakia.

Firor Dor Fenixa: A Fenixan warrior who became the Reaper's successor to the Guardianship after the Dark Avenger's death in the year 1 499 413.

Kasu-Kilu: A former member of the Sy-Keel-Moross, he became the Guardian after Firor and started searching for the Heroes.

Exildur Dor Tortalus: Once a scientist and agent from Tortalus, he became Dergalus' close friend and advisor, and one of the Six Heroes.

Flaeneril Dor Armoria: An Armorian warrior in self-imposed exile from his home world, he was one of the Six Heroes.

Mindeira Dor Fenixa: Though the last of the Six Heroes was supposed to be a descendant of Phoenix, the Gods screwed up in their planning and Mindeira had to take the role of the hero while still pregnant with the descendant of Fenixor.

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