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Spherus: List of Firearms

Firearms List | Accessories | Firearm Skills

Firearm Skill:
Here is how skill with firearms works: Once your skill reaches the level required for each type of gun, the ToHit number is cut in half. In addition to this, you get a +1 to hit with all guns (regardless if you can use them yet) for every 10 Firearm skill points. You also get a -1 to speed with all firearms for every 20 Firearm skill points. Finally, Firearm damage is also modified by skill. How much depends on what kind of dice the particular firearm rolls. Here is the damage chart (the number preceding each entry is the skill level required for that effect):

D4s D6s D8s D10s D12s
Skill Min Skill Min Skill Min Skill Min Skill Min
40 2 30 2 20 2 15 2 10 2
80 3 60 3 40 3 30 3 20 3
90 4 60 4 45 4 30 4
80 5 60 5 40 5
100 6 75 6 50 6
90 7 60 7
70 8
80 9
90 10
100 11

Knockback: Some moves have the ability to knock an opponent backwards. The attacker can choose to move a foe that they afflicted with knockback one hexagon in any direction.

Undefendable: Some moves are undefendable (defense). The Defense skill cannot be used to block such moves. Laser guns and launcher weapons are considered undefendable. Otherwise, defense skill is need in accordance with the firearms technique being used.

Using Two Guns at a Time (Prior to Twin Pistols)
If a character so chooses, they can opt to fight with a Handgun in each hand, getting an attack with each every round. There are penalties for this, however. The 1st gun has a ToHit penalty of -15 and the 2nd has a penalty of - 30. Also, neither weapon receives damage adjustments from skill.

Launcher Weapons
Launcher weapons ignore target's armor (not armor class from agility, etc) at all times. When attacking with a launcher weapon, a character may choose from between two types of attacks:

Direct shot: First off, the user makes a normal to hit roll. If this roll is successful, the target then gets to make a x1/2 agility check to avoid all damage. If this is failed, the target takes direct damage, and anyone within the concussion radius takes concussion damage if they fail a x1 Agi. check. However, if the target succeeds at the agility check (or the user misses in the first place) then no damage, concussion or otherwise, is taken.

Ground shot: With a ground shot, there is no need for a to hit roll, as you are firing at the ground. In this case, all targets within the concussion area get to make an agility check to avoid damage, but no one suffers the direct damage no matter what.

Range Adjustments:
Point Blank (handguns/automatics only): +10 to hit
Short Range: No adjustment
Medium Range: - 20 to hit
Long Range: - 40 to hit

PB = Point-blank bonus.

C = Concussion damage.

Clips generally cost approximately 1/10th of the firearm's list price.

Firearm To-Hit Damage Speed Type Cost/Clip Description
D-6 Minigun 40 2d4, PB: +2d4 2 Handgun 100, 4/4 A tiny weapon that can be easily concealed.
PK-43 50 2d6, PB: +2d6 3 Handgun 150, 8/8 Larger than the Minigun, this is often considered as the standard handgun.
PK-97 70 4d6, PB: +3d6 5 Handgun 300, 12/12 This is a powerful handgun, frequently used by the Terrorian police.
Z-1 Laser 50 (Defense) 8d4, PB: +2d4 4 Handgun 1000, 16/16 State of the art handgun, the Z-1 is smaller yet more powerful than the PK-97.
RD-51 Rifle 40 4d8, PB: +1d8 7 Rifle 700, 12/12 A standard, long-barrelled and semi-automatic rifle.
Shotgun 70 8d6, PB: +5d6 8 Rifle 500, 8/8 Hey, what's this? A shotgun!!
X-L Sniper Rifle 30 3d12, PB: +0 10 Rifle 1000, 6/6 Mainly used as an assassin's weapon, it is accurate at long distances.
Z-5 Laser Rifle 50 (Defense) 5d8, PB: +1d8 7 Rifle 2000, 20/20 One of the first laser weapons.
Z-12 Laser Rifle 50 (Defense) 5d10, PB: +1d10 7 Rifle 3000, 30/30 State of the art cousin to the Z-5.
X-Z Laser Sniper Rifle 30 (Defense) 4d12, PB: +0 9 Rifle 5000, 8/8 The ultimate high-tech sniping weapon. Used by famous snipers in covert forces.
Shmitzer SMG 60 6d6, PB: +2d6 5 Automatic 500, 40/40 The famous line of submachineguns, they are small enough to be easily carried, though still normally require two hands to fire properly.
Autoblaster 60 8d6, PB: +4d6 7 Automatic 900, 100/100 This machine gun is one of the most popular weapons.
Plasma Gun 50 (Defense) 10d8, PB: +2d8 7 Automatic 8000, 128/128 This powerful weapon releases plasma bolts at high speeds.
Grenade Launcher 80 (Armor) 7d10+10, C: 4d10+10 8 Launcher 5000, 1/1 Launches a fair-sized bomb at your enemy.
Rocket Launcher 70 (Armor) 8d10+10, C: 5d10+10 7 Launcher 8000, 1/1 Launches a self-propelled rocket.
Proton Launcher 70 (Armor) (Defense) 10d10+20, C: 6d10+10 6 Launcher 15000, 10/10 Launches balls of pure energy.

Firearms Accessories

Long-range barrel (rifles and handguns only): This item, attached to the end of the gun, adds 50% to all the weapon's range scores. Cost: 500 marques.

Laser-Scope: This scope, mounted above the barrel of the weapon, adds a +20 to hit at short range only. Cost: 1000 marques.

Silencer (handguns and rifles only): This accessory, attached to the gun's barrel, produces counter-sound waves that greatly reduce the noise made by the gun. Cost: 800 marques, illegal on many planets.

Radar Scope (rifles and launchers only): This item, mounted on top of the weapon, gets rid of the medium and long-range To Hit penalties. Cost: 800 marques.

Exploding Bullets (bullet weapons only): These special bullets pack a special punch. They add +10 to the weapons damage, but -5 to hit. Cost: 4x normal price, not always available, often illegal.

Zirlithium Bullets (bullet weapons only): These bullets, made of the special metal Zirlithium, are capable of punching through armor. Thus, they ignore any armor worn by the target (not armor class from agi, etc...) Cost: 8 - 10x normal price.

Napalm Grenade (Grenade Launcher only): When these powerful bombs explode, they spray hot napalm over anything within the concussion area. This adds an extra 2d10+10 to the concussion damage. Cost: 5x normal price.

Smart Missile (Missile Launcher only): This semi-guided weapon uses radar to home in on it's target, adding a +20 to hit. Cost: 3x normal price.

Scorpio Missile (Missile Launcher only): This special missile is normally used only by military commando groups. It adds a +10 to hit, 3d10+10 to direct damage, and +10 concussion damage. Cost: 8x normal price, often unavailable to civilians.

Special Note: The latest buzz in the hand-held weapons world is that Lazertek, the interplanetary mega-corporation that makes laser weapons, is developing some new, ultrapowerful laser paks for their weapons. The Interplanetary Enquirer even claims to have gotten wind of a new Anti-Matter pak for the powerful Proton Launcher, but many leading scientists believe that such a thing is impossible. Lazertek has neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors.

Firearms Skills

The following techniques can be used once the warrior reaches the listed amount of Firearms skill. No more than 100 points can be placed in this skill.

5: Handgun Proficiency: To-Hit of Handguns is cut in half.

15: Rifle Proficiency: The To-Hit of Rifles is cut in half.

20: Point-Blank Shot (Handguns): Handguns receive the Point-Blank damage bonus.

25: Automatic Proficiency: The To-Hit for Automatics is cut in half.

30: Point-Blank Shot (Rifles): Rifles receive the Point-Blank damage bonus.

35: Spread Shot: Automatics can spray a 180 degree arc at -2 damage dice for all targets. Uses up 15 rounds of ammunition.

35: Rapid Reload (Handguns): Reloading a handgun is a non-action.

35: Point-blank Recoil: The character can opt to add the knockback effect to their shot when firing with a point-blank shot. This gives them a -15 to-hit, but foes struck must make a x2 strength check - 2x the point-blank bonus damage or be knocked back.

40: Long Range Shot: Long-range penalties are cut in half when using rifles.

45: Launcher Proficiency: The To-Hit for launcher weapons is cut in half.

50: Twin Pistols: The character gains the ability to fight with a handgun in each hand without penalty, enabling two attacks per round.

55: Point-Blank Shot (Automatics): Automatics gain Point-blank damage bonus. Uses up 10 rounds of ammunition.

55: Rapid Reload (Rifles): Reloading a rifle is a non-action.

60: Headshot (Handguns): The character can opt to perform a headshot when using handguns. Doing so doubles the target’s AC bonus from agility, but inflicts an extra 2 damage dice.

65: Launcher Recoil: When the character hits a target with a direct shot from a launcher weapon, the target must make a x2 strength check - the damage inflicted or be knocked back in the direction that the shot was fired.

70: Headshot (Rifles): The character can perform headshots with rifles.

75: Rapid Reload (Automatics): The character can reload automatics as a non-action.

80: Rapid Reload (Launchers): Reloading a launcher weapon is a non-action.

90: Headshot (Automatics): The character can perform headshots with automatics.

100: Strafing Run: The character gains the ability to strafe multiple targets, potentially allowing one shot against each target in range. Each target must be within a 90 degree arc of the previous target, and for each new target, the gunner must make a x1 Dex check, with a cumulative –15 penalty for each successful check. If a check is ever failed, the strafing run is over. Strafing run cannot be used in combination with headshot, or any other special firearm attacks unless explicity stated.

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