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Spherus: Food and Drink

This section features the culinary choices that can be found on the many planets of Spherus. This information can be useful for understanding the diverse cultures that exist in this vast galaxy.

Racial Foods

Deksiil: Deksiil is famous for its Italian-style food. The best pastas and pizza come from Deksiil. It should be no surprise, then, that the famous Papa Rigatoni's Restaurant chain is based there.

Armoria: The Armorians are famous for eating pastries and drinking milk. Bakeries are everywhere on Armoria, and there isn't a single one that serves stale or moldy bread. Armorian pastries are light and fluffy, and always mysteriously fresh. Oh, and cream puffs are very popular on Armoria too.

Terroria: The artificial Spam-O burger is Terroria's famous food. Not because it's good and not because it's healthy, but because it's cheap and keeps very well.

Electra: The Electran aristocracy is famous for eating all sorts of dainty foods that you hear are supposedly served at high-class parties (caviar, etc...). However, the most wide-spread Electran 'specialty' is the dreaded "Continental Breakfast" - which usually consists of a stale roll, a burnt piece of toast and last month's coffee. Anyone who has travelled a lot (in the real world) and stayed in a lot of hotels knows just what I mean by this.

Tortalus: Tortalus, being mostly covered by water, is famous for its seafood. Fish, shrimp, squid, shark meat, jelly fish, you name it. It is even rumored that Algae Salads are now being served in certain restaurants there.

Denchul: Since Denchul is a planet of mostly farmers, they tend to eat a lot of farm stuff, like...POTATOES!! And they eat lots of TURKEY too! Turkey! Gobble gobble gobble gobble!!!

Fenixa: If it's hot and and it's spicy, it's probably from Fenixa. Fenixa is famous for its 'mexican' style food. Tacos, buritos, enchiladas, all these things come from Fenixa. Fenixa is also famous - or rather, INfamous - for an alcoholic drink called Hellfire. Hellfire is in fact by far the strongest alcoholic drink in existence in Spherus. Though most Fenixans love it, the other races can usually hardly stomach the stuff.

Chalchak/Dortal: Being jungle worlds, Chalchak and Dortal are famous for their exotic fruits and vegetables. In fact, the Del Monte corporation makes their base on these two planets. Also, dinosaur meat is sometimes eaten on both these planets, though it is rarely exported.

Sphere: The Spherans are famous for their ROAST BEAST. "Roast beast...ahh, now THAT is a feast". Don't ask me why, they just are.

Warchor: The food of the Dark Planet, Warchor, strangely ressembles chinese food. Despite the fact that Warchor has no dealings with the other planets, though, chinese restaurants do mysteriously appear on other planets as well.

Racial Drinks

Black-ale: Lorac/Loric. A rather heavy, alcoholic drink that is almost pitch-black in color. Fairly high in alcohol content, though nothing close to Hellfire.

Hellfire: Fenixa. Mentioned this one before. The most alcholic drink in the galaxy. It has no real taste, as it's mostly alcohol anyway.

Aliaan Liquor: Sphere. A rather expensive, 'upper-class' drink from the planet of Sphere. Somewhat sweeter and quite a bit stronger than most alcoholic beverages.

Mineral Water: Deksiil. Pumped from underground springs deep beneath the famous Dekataan plateau, this natural spring water is, unlike SOME racial drinks, very healthy for you.

Crystal Wine: Electra. A very delicate-tasting and VERY expensive wine, drank by the Electran aristocracy. It is only made in select places on Electra, since the Electrans don't trust the other races to 'make it right'.

Sand: Fenixa. ???? On Fenixa, there's lots of it. (See one of my quotes..)

Fruit-juices: Chalchak/Dortal. Naturally, the jungle worlds are famous for their strange and exotic fruit juices, as well as juices of the more conventional type.

Milk: Armoria. It does a body good.

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