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Spherus: Healing

Healing works slightly differently than other moves that exist in the galaxy of Spherus. Unlike other conventional skills, anyone may use the basic healing move with the following statistics:

Basic Healing
Speed 5
Costs 3 PP
Heals 0 HP
Affects 1 target at range 0
Takes action

Healing Upgrades

Skill in healing allows the warrior to purchase upgrades to the basic skill. Each time a character uses healing, they may choose how to divide their healing skill among the following upgrades.

Skill Cost Effect
5 + 1d8 healing for 3 addition psi points.
5 + 3 healing for 3 additional psi points.
5 - 3 psi point cost, to a minimum of 1.
5* - 3 initiative speed.
5 + 1 range.
5 + 1 additional target to be healed. Range to each target is cumulative. The PP cost is multiplied by the number of targets, any reductions are calculated after the multiplication
15* Automatically act first in the round when healing as your action.
15* Healing is a non-action on the character's turn.

The upgrades marked with a * are mutually exclusive.

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