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Spherus: Mounted Combat

Movement | Vehicle Stats | Attacks | Along for the Ride

This document contains rules for movement, mounting, dismounting, and combat modifiers that apply to characters who go into combat mounted on a steed or riding in a vehicle.

Mounted Movement

When ending their movement on an uncontested vehicle, a character may choose to spend their attack action mounting up. At the beginning of their combat turn, mounted characters have two choices that determine what type of movement rules they must obey:

  1. Dismount: In this case, the character follows their normal movement rules.
  2. Remain mounted: In this case they follow the mounted movement rules described below. Note that the character may still dismount as a non-action, but only after completing their movement.

Although mounted characters are generally able to traverse the battlefield more quickly, they may pay a price in terms of maneuverability. The orientation of a mounted character must be tracked, and changing their orientation by 60 degrees requires a maneuverability point.

Operating a mount under the pressure of battle is not always trivial. Consequently, a mounted character must make a check to determine how far they can move and how much they can change their orientation. This check is based on their non-weapon skill in riding the vehicle on which they are mounted, along with an associated physical stat. The usual combination is driving and dexterity, although this is mount-dependent. The maximum movement that can be achieved is also mount-dependent.

The check involves rolling a d100 and adding the relevant stat + 25 for each level in the associated non-weapon skill. The result can then be converted into movement and maneuverability points using mount-dependent costs. Some example mounts are shown below.

Vehicle Stats

Vehicle Check/Stat Max Move Move Cost Reverse Cost Maneuverability Cost Attack Breaking Engagement AC HP
Horse Riding / Dex 3 30 50 10 -25 to-hit +0 +15 25
Jeep Driving / Dex 4 30 40 20 -40 to-hit +20 +10 80
Cyclone Bike Driving / Dex 6 20 30 10 -20 to-hit +10 +30 70
Hind-D Helicopter Flight / Dex 5 35 45 10 -50 to-hit Flying +25 90

Attacking while Mounted

Characters suffer a to-hit penalty to all attacks that they launch while mounted. This penalty can be reduced by spending points from the check described under the movement rules. Each point spent on the attack penalty reduces it by one. Of course, spending points in this manner will decrease the number available for movement and maneuverability.

Being Attacked while Mounted

Mounted characters also gain AC based on their mounts. Attacks that would have hit the character without the aid of the mount’s AC strike the mount instead, inflicting damage to its HP and potentially rendering it inoperable. The mounts can also be specifically targeted following any of the normal rules for hitting their AC. Mounted characters cannot choose to block attacks aimed at their mount.

Along for the Ride

Some mounts have the capacity to carry passengers. These passengers do not need to make any checks to partake in the vehicle’s movement or AC, nor do they suffer from any attack penalty from riding in the vehicle. However, they are at the mercy of the driver for determining when and how the vehicle moves.

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