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Non-Weapon Skills

Reading/writing: This skill assumes that a character is capable of both reading and writing any language that they can speak. Since schooling is free and compulsory on most planets, characters get this skill automatically unless the GM says otherwise.

Galactic Language: This is the basic language spoken on almost all the planets of the galaxy. Every character starts with this skill automatically unless they are a Warchon.

Zelzakian: This is the tongue that was spoken by the Zelzakians during their reign. Since the fall of the Empire, it is basically considered a "dead language". Nevertheless, Zelzakian characters get this language for free, in addition to the Galactic Language.

Warchon: This is the harsh language spoken by They Who Live Beneath the Mask. Warchons start with this language automatically. Other characters cannot learn this language unless the GM says otherwise.

Swimming: (Strength)

Swimming 1: This skill assumes that the character knows the basics of swimming, and can swim well enough in calm waters. They also know rudimentary water safety and rescue tactics.

Swimming 2: With this level of swimming, a warrior can swim even in turbulent waters, and can easily support a companion in calm waters. A higher level of survival skill is gained with this skill, as well as rudimentary boating skills.

Swimming 3: At this point, the character is an olympic-class swimmer, who can support himself and a companion even in the roughest of waters. They are also masters at safety and rescue operations, and are fairly skilled at boating.

Mechanics: (Dexterity and Intelligence)

Mechanics 1: With this level of skill, a character can fix small, mechanical gadgets, and can build the simplest of devices.

Mechanics 2: At this skill level, a character can fix more useful things, such as most firearms, and minor vehicle problems.

Mechanics 3: By this point, the character is a master mechanic, and given the right tools and equipment, can fix almost anything.

Computers: (Intelligence)

Computers 1: This skill assumes that a character is familiar with computers, can run programs, type adequately well, and has a passing familiarity with most concepts. However, programming and hacking is quite beyond them.

Computers 2: With this skill, the character is an adequate programmer, can fix most, if not all computer problems. Minor hacking is possible, but say hacking into government files is not even remotely possible.

Computers 3: With this level of skill, you can program almost anything you want, and hack through anything, given enough time.

Science: (Intelligence)

Science 1: This skill constitutes a basic knowledge of science, mathematics and even some medicine. Very basic first-aid can be applied, and the character is familiar with most scientific concepts.

Science 2: At this level of skill, the character has enough knowledge to be considered a scientist, mathematician, or even a low-paid doctor.

Science 3: This skill gives the character an incredibly extensive knowledge of science, math and medicine. Combined with Mechanics or computers, it could be used to build some very interesting devices.

Driving: (Dexterity)

Driving 1: With this level, a character has basic driving skills, enough to have a license.

Driving 2: At this point, a character is an experienced driver, able to handle many potentially dangerous situations.

Driving 3: With this skill, the character is a good enough driver to be considered a race-driver, able to pull off very impressive fancy moves.

Flight: (Dexterity)

Flight 1: The character knows enough to take off a normal plane, and fly in a straight line, and land most of the time.

Flight 2: With this, the character could be a professional pilot, having no trouble handling normal situations.

Flight 3: The character is an ace pilot in all situations.

Space Flight: (Dexterity)

Space Flight 1: At this level, a character can take off and land, but not much else.

Space Flight 2: By this point, the character is a decent pilot. They can perform standard combat maneuvers with a reasonable degree of skill, and are qualified for almost all normal Space Flight situations.

Space Flight 3: At this point, the character is a top gun. These characters have substantial advantages in Space Combat, and are more than qualified to teach the art of Space Flight to others.

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