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Pax Galaktika Online Guide

A Game of Galactic Conquest

Pax Galaktika Online Guide

This list contains features and rules that I feel are noteworthy for a player of online Pax, be it because they are different from the boardgame, or just because they seem to be easily forgotten. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I will keep updating it as more games are played.

Installing Pax Galaktika

-Make sure to delete any older versions of Pax before installing a new one.

-Pax servers can now function behind routers! The server will need to set up port forwarding on incoming ports 1099 and 20000 to ports 1099 and 20000 on their local IP address. Clients from outside the router will probably need to shut down any software firewalls they have running (Windows Firewall, Norton, etc), but should not need to change their router configurations. The server asks for its IP address when it starts running. There are many websites that will provide the IP address of the router, such as this one.

-Pax has minimum screen resolution requirements. The Pax map should appear once the game has started, and if it doesn't it means that your screen resolution isn't high enough.

-Mac users will not be able to use the batch files provided with the Pax release. They will need to execute each line of server.bat and client.bat individually, replacing Windows syntax such as 'start' with their shell commands.

Game Rules and Features

-The combat system is different from the Pax boardgame. From a player's perspective, the most important thing you need to know is that you can uncommit forces in space combat. This means they will only be targeted after all committed forces have been destroyed, but they will not open fire while uncommitted. This is extremely useful for guarding transports.

-Combats only occur when two units end the movement phase on the same space; there is no notion of blockading.

-Defensive redeploy only occurs when the defender has a space station in the battle. They will be able to see all the battles in which their units are engaged before redeploying.

-You will be prompted to unload ground troops over enemy planets after movement phase. This decision is made before you know the outcome of any space battles in the round.

-Sphere does not start with any Drakkhaans in the asteroid belt. The ships that were there in the boardgame have been moved to Sphere's airspace.

-Arsa's special victory condition has not yet been implemented.

-Star Cannons and Ion Cannons have not been implemented.

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