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Spherus: Planets

Armoria | Arsa | Chalchak | Denchul | Deksiil | Dortal | Electra | Fenixa | Lorac | Loric | Sphere | Tortalus | Terroria | Warchor


Major Cities:

  1. Chalchak: The capital city.
  2. Achlul: A town that mines oil from beneath the jungle.
  3. Zhavarnok: Town deep in the jungle - no road-way access.
  4. Chag'Valk
  5. Kalveides
  6. Chagk'Bourou: A large drug camp, deep in the jungle.

Geographic Features: The Great Jungle, the lesser jungles, The Greak Lake of Charion, the river Chareevin, the Borgosin Mountain Range

Resources: Fruit, exotic furs, plants, juices, hydrox, gems, natural chemicals, some metals and minerals, drugs

Government: Chalchak is governed by a council of 21 members. There are 4 members elected in each major city. The 21st member, elected planet-wide, is known as the Speaker and he is seen as the leader of Chalchak.

Current Speaker: Avin dor Chalchak


Major Cities:

  1. Electra: The largest city on the planet, and the only Space-Port.
  2. Crysala: The Crystal Palace of the Emperor. Really just a small town a few km out of Electra.
  3. Velguara: A city built near the famous Crystal Mines.
  4. Illacia: The city that produces the vast majority of the planet's energy.
  5. Oeila: A city on the coast of the Crystal Sea.
  6. Syluna: The "City of the Moon". Also known as the romantic "Honeymoon City".
  7. Ellivia

Geographic Features: The Crystal Mountains, the Electran Jungle, the Crystal Sea, the Shining Plain

Resources: Electran Crystal, Literature, Art, Manufactured Goods, electronics

Government: Electra is ruled by the Emperor. However, the Emperor's control is not absolute. His major decisions must pass through the Senate. There are twelve Senators, each theoretically of equal status and elected for life by the people of Electra. Aside from itself, the other planets in the Electran Empire are Tortalus and Denchul.

Current Emperor: Voldt dor Electra


Major Cities:

  1. Vertek: The capital of Tortalus and probably the most advanced city in the galaxy.
  2. Learge: A city built on a major river - essentially a floating town.
  3. Quotek: A major research centre.

Geographic Features: Massive amounts of oceans and rivers, the river Geronyek (the location of the Hydro-Dyke, which supplies all of Tortalus' power), virtually no farmland

Resources: *Technology*, water, electronics, seafood, pearls and other deep-sea gems

Government: Tortalus is part of the Electran Empire, and is therefore subject to the Emperor. However, the planet is normally ruled by a planetary governor, who is appointed by the Emperor and approved by the Senate. Both the Council of Scientists and the University are very influencial, though they have no direct power.

Current Governor: Trann dor Electra (Voldt's cousin)
Current Council Head: Dr. Kelvite dor Tortalus
Current Dean of University: Dr. Tirrius dor Tortalus


Major Cities:

  1. Dennton: The capital of the planet.
  2. Chiross
  3. Venytyl

Geographic Features: Lush Denchuli forests, the great Ocean, the Cobar hills, vast amounts of open prairie.

Resources: Lumber, Natural gas, Hydrox, food products of all sorts, metals, minerals

Government: Being a part of the Electran Empire, Denchul is ruled by a planetary governor. The governor is appointed by the Emperor and approved by the Senate.

Current Governor: Muldoch dor Electra


Major Cities:

  1. Coursair: Capital of Deksiil and the High Seat of the Alliance. Considered by many as the capital of the galaxy.
  2. Corant: Headquarters of the Deksiilan Space Fleet.
  3. Sandaan: The "breadbasket" of Deksiil.
  4. Tirin: The "City of Lights". Gambling capital of the galaxy.
  5. Cormus: A major industrial centre.
  6. Daskosim: The mining centre for the Dekataan Plateau.

Geographic Features: Mostly plains and farmlands, the Dekataan Plateau (plateau made of strange blue rock), the Corin river, the Dekataan mountains

Resources: Food products, Manufactured goods, electronics, machinery, cars, Admorite, other metals and minerals

Government: Deksiil's government is formed of a parliamant composed of various political parties. The leader of the party with the most seats is the President of Deksiil, who has considerable power at the Interplanetary Council. There are currently 368 seats in the parliamant.

Current President: Cerin dor Deksiil


Major Cities:

  1. Grimmnar: The Capital of Lorac. A dark town with a gloomy atmosphere.
  2. Dagirra: A town with many chemical plants.
  3. Darghul: A town with a reputation of Dagos-worshippers and other strange cults.
  4. Lirghul: A producer of Hydrox and other raw chemicals.

Geographic Features: Rocky plains, little fresh water, fetid swamplands, The Dagor Swamps, the Shadowed Blight (location of the Fortress of Doomsgate)

Resources: Minerals, metals, chemicals, Hydrox

Government: Lorac is ruled in conjunction with its twin planet, Loric. The two planets are ruled by a representative from each planet, called Consuls. However, each planet also has a separate Senate that the decisions must pass through. Because of this division where some decisions pass on one planet but not on the other, and due to a general lack of strong authority, neither planet is especially strong in interplanetary affairs.

Current Consul: Logatess dor Lorac


Major Cities:

  1. Khardag: The capital city.
  2. Raydos: A floating city in the mountains. A mining town.
  3. Dalgirr

Geographic Features: Rocky plains, fetid swamps, the Icefields, the Dagirss (Death-Ice) Mountains

Resources: Cold products, minerals, metals, Hydrox

Government: Same as that of Lorac.

Current Consul: Sirain dor Loric


Major Cities:

  1. Illumia: The City of the Light. Seen as the ultimate city, and the cradle of all goodness.
  2. Millethius: The highly religious city, dedicated to Millius.
  3. Arriel: City of the Shining Towers.
  4. Tromas: The Armorian industrial town - military production.

Geographic Features: Shining plains, grasslands, pristine forests, Lake Superion (the "Shining Pool"), Northern Glacier

Resources: Lumber, Art, Literature, Pastries (famous!), some food products

Government: The Armorian Race, being the epitome of goodness and justice, is in little need of a government to manage their domestic affairs. However, Armoria is officially ruled by the Council of Elders. The Council of Elders is composed of any number of Armorians who are at least 15 000 years of age. Anyone of the right age is welcome to attend the Council, so their numbers are always changing.

Most Respected Elder: Telerammon dor Armoria


Major Cities:

  1. Chamra: Capital city. Not considered a "real" city by many standards.
  2. Jerra: A gem-mining town.
  3. Deil'Tarr: Little more than a large village of jungle warriors.

Geographic Features: Heavy jungle, swamplands, Darbola Mountains, The Marshland (land with many criss-crossing rivers)

Resources: Gems, exotic furs, plants, perfumes, nectars, repellents

Government: The government of Dortal is basically the same as that of Chalchak, except they have only 13 Council Members, and the 13th is the speaker.

Current Speaker: Rosh dor Dortal


Major Cities: Terroria has no real distinctions between cities. It has basically just grown into one gigantic, sprawling, disorganized city.

Geographic Features: Gigantic city, broken street-lamps, slums, alleys

Resources: None to speak of (unless you count crime)

Government: Terroria has no real system of government. Whoever can climb the political and brute strength ladder becomes its ruler. The police are nothing more than an organized mob that is subject to the ruler of the planet.

Current Ruler: Skole-Kiilu dor Terroria


Major Cities:

  1. Fenixa: The capital city, and location of the Ruby Phoenix. The only city that is reasonably well protected from the biker gangs.
  2. Fenova: A tough miner town.
  3. Vulnix: A city totally ravaged by biker gangs.
  4. Zorfir
  5. Fenirra

Geographic Features: Blasted rocky surface, hot temperatures, deserts, only one major river (the Ruby River), many volcanoes ("Moutains of Rising Fire" or simply "Fire Rising")

Resources: Huge amounts of Hydrox, other natural gasses, Hellfire (drink), automobiles, motor bikes

Government: Fenixa is constantly torn by wars and skirmishes between the various gangs and political-military organizations that stalk the planet, leaving it in a state of near anarchy. The only city spared from this is the capital city, Fenixa, which is protected by guard walls, defenses, and a private army. The governor of the City of Fenixa has considerable power on the planet, but the planet's official ruler is constantly changing and is usually nothing more than the leader of the largest biker gang.

Current Ruler: "Imperator" Kavik dor Fenixa of the Rising Phoenix gang
Current Governor of the City of Fenixa: Malavin dor Fenixa


Major Cities:

  1. Justania: The City of Justice, and the High Court of the galaxy.
  2. Quingard: The city dedicated to the legendary hero. Formerly called Arvain.
  3. Alcasia
  4. Garenbirge

Geographic Features: Moderate climate, grassy sunny plains, sparse forests, Mount Skie (the "Seat of Justice")

Resources: "Justice", courts, lawyers, food products, some minerals and chemicals

Government: Arsa is ruled by the Council of Justice which is composed of all the judges on the planet. Among them, the judges elect the "Justicar", or High Judge.

Current Justicar: Norrelion dor Arsa


Major Cities:

  1. Sphere: The largest city in the galaxy, and probably the second most advanced.
  2. Traidesk: A synthetic "tree-top" town. Very scenic.
  3. Sannisdaig: A major agricultural centre.
  4. Maantek: The principle industrial centre of Sphere.
  5. Zirriltek: A city in space that mines Zirlithium from the Asteroid belt.
  6. Kaildarr: A dark smoggy city: the "Hidden City" of Sphere. Dominated by a strong presence of darkness.
  7. Cirensk
  8. Sheron

Geographic Features: Mountains of the Centre, Swamps of Morai, Reiguil Jungle, Karrain desert ("Land of the Stinging Wind"), Northern Ice-mines

Resources: Being so large, Sphere is virtually self-sufficient. Its major exports include: Manufactured goods, chemicals, food products, Zirlithium

Government: The planet of Sphere is divided into 500 sectors, each with 1 representative sent to the government. Among that government, the members vote for a Prime-Minister. The Prime-Minister then selects 23 ministers, and it is these ministers that wield the true power of Sphere. Sphere has 23 ministeries. These are: Economics, Military, Foreign Affairs, Industrial, Agricultural, Education, Security, Exports, Science, Solar, Asteroid, Transport, Public Relations, Architectural, Communications, Imports, Energy, Environmental, SRC (Spheran Revenue Control), Refineries, Management (storage), Religion, Government Reports (spies on other ministries)

Current Prime-Minister: Gadrius dor Sphere


Major Cities:

  1. Gaol-Moross: The "City of Death". Throne of the Khane-Moross and location of Shyan-Moross.
  2. Avral-Khannak: "Wing-Command" - the central command and industrial centre for the Warchon Armada.
  3. Gaol-Ultren: The "Divine City". Religious centre of Warchor.
  4. Gaol-Titra: The "City of Metal". Major mining centre for the Warchon metal "Titra-Ultren".

Geographic Features: Dark red rock, blasted landscape, mountains, little water

Resources: Since Warchor has no trade with the other planets, it is self-sufficient by necessity. All its food is grown in artificially created underground caverns. A notable product is "Titra-Ultren" (Divine Metal), the black metal used by the Warchons.

Government: Warchor is ruled by the Khane-Moross (Lord of Death) whose power is absolute. The Khane is chosen by the traditional "Ildiad" or Trial. The Militant Council, composed of Warchor's top soldiers and strategists, advises the Khane, but they have no real power.

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