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Spherus: Race Descriptions

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The Race of Sphere:

We of the Race of Sphere, who have existed long before the other races and shall continue to exist after they have fallen into the dust of oblivion, are the epitome of perfection itself. We refuse to soil our blood or our planet with the impurities of the Second Races. Destiny has chosen us and us alone to survive throughout the ages, while less pure Races shall rise and fall like waves on the ocean, whereas we shall stand tall and firm as the pillars of the Gods themselves.

The origins of the Spheran Race remain a mystery even to this day. It is said that the First Race, as they are sometimes referred to as, was already in existence upon the Day of Creation when the other Races were born. However, this fact has mostly faded to mere rumor and legend over the years, and many of the other races, and even some Spherans have concluded that the Race of Sphere must have been created at the same time as all of the others. Nevertheless, the Spherans continue to refer to the rest of the galaxy as members of the 'Second Races'.

Because of their belief in their own racial purity, Sphere has relatively little contact with the other races of the galaxy. They import only what they cannot produce themselves, though they are one of the largest exporters of the galaxy. Their government rarely attends the Interplanetary Council held on Deksiil, much as the other planets would wish it otherwise. Outsiders wishing to become citizens of Sphere have a great deal of difficulty both in gaining permission from the government and acceptance from the common people. Even tourism is not strongly encouraged on Sphere.

Sometimes I find myself pitying the other races . . . not only do they fail to realize their purpose as Second Races, but they refuse to accept to themselves the superiority of our race. Perhaps this self-delusion is the cause of so many of the interplanetary wars that have burned across the rest of the galaxy.

Unlike many other so-called superior races, the Spherans rarely show open contempt or dislike of the other races. Rather, many adopt a patronizing attitude, and an annoying grin that implies that they know something that the other races cannot begin to understand. Naturally, this does little to endear the First Race to many others throughout the galaxy.

A Spheran Dreadmaster

"Subtle are the twists and turns of the psyche . . . so subtle that many have turned to the more simple solution of subjugation through brute force. However, there are those few who have mastered control of the subconscious, who can influence the minds of others without them even realizing that they are being manipulated. These few are the Dreadmasters. It is we who have ruled Sphere down through the ages, though there are almost none who even know of our existence. Every major decision made by the planet of the First Race has first been decided by us. Perhaps the time shall one day come when we shall emerge from the shadows of anonymity . . . but I do not see this time anywhere in what we call the future."

The Dreadmasters are the ultimate secret organization of the galaxy. In truth, it is they who control the planet of Sphere. The membership of the Dreadmasters is not set to any fixed number, but they usually number less than a dozen. The Dreadmasters have few direct servants, but such is their expertise in manipulating the Spherusian psyche, that they can, through rumor, propaganda, and taking advantage of outside events, practically control the mind of almost anyone they so choose. Ironically, little do the Dreadmasters, the masters of manipulation, know that they themselves are being manipulated by an even greater power...

The Race of Fenixa:

'Imperator' Kavik, Leader of the Rising Phoenix gang

"We Fenixans are the only race that realizes what's really important in this world: power. Power can get you what you want, quickly and efficiently. After all, is there anything really more important than what you want? What is the point of living in a world of drab duties and responsibilities? Pleasure is the true reason that we were put here, and power is the best way to obtain pleasure. For all their know-it-all attitudes, the other stuck-up races of the galaxy can't even seem to force this concept down their throats. Well, that's fine by me, I intend to do what I please, where I please, when I please."

The Fenixan race is probably the most volatile and chaotic of all the races of Spherus. They have little interest in things such as galactic peace, or a utopian society. Give them a good woman, a fast motorbike, and a little combat every now and then, and they will be happy. Of course, subjugating the rest of the galaxy wouldn't hurt either, but only once, beneath a warrior by the name of Fenaxis, have the Fenixans been able to unite long enough to accomplish any goals beyond their own planet. When the Fenixans can decide on a common cause, though, the galaxy trembles, for few are those who can match their fire and passion.

The Guardian Firor

"Above all, my race is governed by their emotions and their instincts. They rarely stop to consider the repercussions of their actions, simply doing what they feel like at a given moment. I too, being Fenixan, was governed by these emotions until I was removed from the chaos and the momentum of the rest of the world. Even now I still feel the fires of my race within me, but I have learned to channel my passion to where it is most needed. If only all of Fenixa could learn to do the same."

Above all, the Fenixans are ruled by their emotions. They show little of the refinement and restraint of many other more 'civilized' races of the galaxy. Instead, they act impulsively, on the spur of the moment. Few are those Fenixans that have learned to escape the pull of their emotional urges, but those few have almost always become some of the most powerful and important figures in Spherusian history.

Malavin, Governor of the city of Fenixa

"Alas, my dear planet burns in the fires of hatred. Biker gangs ravage the lands, destroying all in their path, thinking only of themselves and not of what is to come. It is all I can do to protect my city from the flames of destruction that ravage the rest of my world. With this, I bring a warning to any blasted biker brazen enough to enter my domain: leave my city at once, or burn in the fires of your own making!"

The planet of Fenixa is constantly ravaged by the many biker gangs that abound over its surface. The subject of much combat over the years, the surface of Fenixa is mostly blasted rock, and the climate unbearably hot. The gang that controls the major water source of Fenixa, the Ruby River, is often the gang that declares themselves the rulers of Fenixa. However, among the ever-shifting flames of Fenixa, this rulership never lasts for any remarkable period of time. Also of significant importance are the many large oil supplies located just beneath the rocky crust of the planet. The only true haven from the fires of war is the City of Fenixa. The city is ruled by its own governor, who usually tries to protect his citizens from the biker gangs of the rest of the planet. The city of Fenixa is the only city spared from the destruction that rages across every other city on the planet.

Phoenix, one of the six Heroes of the Prophecy

"Many ask me why I choose to leave my home-world. The answer is simple: I merely grew tired of the constant fighting, the senseless violence. I needed to get away, or be swept up in the madness that infected the rest of my planet like a virus. Perhaps some day I shall return to the planet of my birth to try and change what I can, if ever I can learn to stomach the violence and the chaos of war."

The Race of Electra:

Emperor Kilant, first Emperor of the Electran Empire

"It has always struck me as strange how the other planets of the galaxy somehow fail to see the obvious cultural superiority of our people. While many of their planets are ravaged by war, evil dictators and fanatic religions, we stand for what we are, with a united planet and an advanced and sophisticated culture. Whether this lack of vision of our fellows comes from self-denial or utter ignorance, even I cannot say. But if they refuse to acknowledge their own weakness, it is our duty to show them true art and sophistication. We, the Electran people, are the race that is most ideally suited for governing the galaxy. Join me, and beneath our rule the galaxy will find a new utopian age!"

The Electran race considers themselves to be the most culturally advanced and sophisticated race in the known galaxy. In their opinion, their artwork and philosophy is obviously much more tactful and profound that of any other planet, and anything made by them is ultimately superior to that which is made by other planets. Naturally, this attitude makes them see quite 'snobbish' to many of the other races. Many Electrans do not really realize the effect that they have on others, and are quite scandalized when 'less refined' races go storming off in a fit of rage at some comment made by the Electran. Despite their rather intellectual tastes, however, the Electrans take great pride in their military and their personal prowess in combat.

Emperor Voldt on one of his bad days

"Being the Emperor isn't always an easy job. If it wasn't for all the nice clothes and free TV time, it might not even be worth it."

As its name would suggest, the Electran Empire is ruled by the Emperor. However, the power of this Emperor is not supreme, and many of his decisions must pass through the Electran Senate. However, the Emperor remains the symbol of Electran rulership throughout the galaxy. The current Emperor gets to name who his successor will be. If the Emperor dies without naming a successor, the title goes to his next of kin. Despite not having absolute power, the Emperor of the Electran Empire is generally considered to be the most powerful and influential man in the galaxy.

Emperor Voldt of the Electran Empire

"The Crystal Palace . . . truly one of the greatest luxuries of the Emperor. Its beauty remains unsurpassed by any other structure of the galaxy. Obviously, we can't let just anyone onto the planet without any control, for there are doubtless so many who wish to see the Palace that I wouldn't even be able to get my car out of the garage if they all came at once."

Electra retains very strict rules about whom they allow to enter their planet. This is partly because they don't want other races defiling their art and culture, and partly because they figure the Empire must have many enemies who would like nothing better to see the planet of Electra and the Emperor removed from the face of the galaxy. Therefore, the only Space Port on the entire planet is located in the City of Electra, the largest city on the planet. All persons wishing to enter Electra must show sufficient identification and credentials. Because of this firm control, Electra has one of the lowest crime rates and highest standard of living out of most of the other planets.

The renowned Crystal Palace is the personal residence of the Emperor. Made almost entirely out of the famous Electran crystal, the Palace is located several kilometers outside the City of Electra. It is recognized as the centre of authority for the entire Electran Empire. It is from here that the fate of the Electran race and indeed much of the galaxy is decided...

The Race of Tortalus:

While the other races of the galaxy amass huge armies and take to the bloody fields of war, we of the race of Tortalus have always preferred to dedicate ourselves to the areas of science and learning, areas that are too often neglected by the other races. No other race can even hope to compare to the technological advancement that has been achieved by our people. Indeed, there is not another race that is even fully aware of the extent of the advancement of our planet. History has proven time and again that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

The race of Tortalus is by far the most intelligent and scientifically advanced of all the races of Spherus. They are really an entire race of scientists, an entire planet dedicated to learning and advancement. Despite their intellectual superiority, Tortalians are for the most part polite and formal to the other races, though they sometimes take very technical terms for granted. The planet of Tortalus itself is mostly covered by oceans and rivers, leaving little room for the people of Tortalus. However, the cities of Tortalus are probably the most advanced of all the cities of the galaxy.

Exildur dor Tortalus

"Why must I always be forced into the rigors of combat? I was not born to fight. I am a scientist, not a warrior."

Physically, the race of Tortalus is among the weakest races of all Spherus. However, their technology and cunning more than make up for this drawback. The Tortalians are also more psychically empowered than most races.

Dr. Kelvite of the Scientific Council

"I must admit, joining the Electran Empire was the best thing we Tortalians have ever done. They give us funding and protection, and all we have to do is throw them some useless trinket every now and then to keep them happy."

The planet Tortalus is a part of the powerful Electran Empire. However, this is more of their own free will than anything else. The Empire allocates funding and military forces as they see fit. In return, the Tortalians are expected to share their technology with the Electrans. While the Electrans do benefit from this arrangement, the Tortalians keep their most powerful and newest inventions a secret from the Empire. As for the government, the planet Tortalus is ruled by a governor appointed by the Emperor. However, the Scientific Council holds much power and respect on the planet, as do the deans of the various universities, perhaps even more so than the governor himself. The planet of Tortalus gains far more from their arrangement than do the Electrans.

The Race of Armoria:

Since the beginning of time, the people of Armoria have been the upholders of all that is good and just in the universe. We shall continue to defend the values of truth, honor, liberty and justice beyond even the day that the galaxy has passed into oblivion. Never shall we relax our vigilance, for it is times of lax inattention that the shadows strike hardest. We are the Armorian people, and it is our duty to defend the rights of the entire galaxy!

The race of Armoria is the ultimate race of Goodness and Light. Born with the essence of purity in their souls, they believe it their sacred mission to uphold justice and vanquish the evils of the universe. Though they do believe themselves to be more pure and righteous then the other races, they have no dreams of galactic domination. Instead, they seek to spread their thinking throughout all the races of the galaxy. The Armorians are renowned as some of the most skilled and powerful warriors of all Spherus.

Elder Jeotarrin dor Armoria

"Though other planets may need laws to regulate the actions of the misguided, we of the race of Armoria have no need nor desire to limit the freedoms of our people. We know that no member of the race of Armoria would ever willingly harm another if it was not an absolute necessity. As the Chosen of almighty Millius, we know that each Armorian has within him or herself the rules necessary for a peaceful life, and the sense of duty to teach these rules to those who do not."

The Armorians are the Chosen Race created by the God Millius to uphold the ideals of the light. All Armorians take their duties to Millius very seriously and every single one is a devoted follower of their god. They believe it is their duty to bring peace and justice to the rest of the galaxy. Since all Armorians have within them an innate sense of justice, there are no laws that govern Armoria. Indeed, Armoria has no need of an internal government whatsoever. They do however have a Council of Elders that governs external affairs, exports, imports and general policy. This Council is open to any Armorian of appropriate age. The race of Armoria is also well known for the identical metal masks they wear at all times to symbolize their belief in equality among their people.

Gregory, one of the Six Heroes of the Prophecy

"The race of Armoria has been betrayed only once, but even, especially, this is unacceptable to the very principles that we live for. How one of the Enlightened Race could so forsake his people and his God is unthinkable to me and, I am sure, to the entirety of my race. It is for this reason that I have taken upon myself to destroy the Forsaken One and restore the honor of our race. I sense the hand of Dagobros himself in this..."

Only once has an Armorian ever deviated from the path of the Light, but this once is the greatest blow ever suffered by the Chosen race. Though his name is not common knowledge, he is known to the galaxy in general as the Armorian Criminal, since there has been only one. To the people of Armoria, he is known by the names of the Betrayer and the Forsaken One. Abandoning the Armorian values and beliefs, this one warrior used the reputation of the Armorian race for his own gain and glory. It is believed that he was eventually killed by the hero Gregory, but his remains have never been found. Naturally, the people of Armoria have tried their best to wipe the memory of the Betrayer from the face of the galaxy, but so far have not been entirely successful.

Gohlamminur, the Betrayer

"I was born among a race of fools. A race that did not even realize the incredible power that they possessed. I and I alone seized this power, and used it to its full effect. I now realize that my race could dominate over all if only they overcame their own weakness. They call me the Betrayer, the Forsaken One . . . names they brand to me only as they attempt to deny themselves of their own power. If my race wishes to be so foolhardy not to use what is before them, then so shall it be."

The Race of Warchor:

For millennia untold, I have watched from the shadows, observing the world of mortals, and more specifically, the Race of Warchor. I have seen the triumphs and follies of all the races throughout the history of the galaxy. Like all those of my Race, I have always believed in the Warchonian destiny of galactic domination, but having observed the petty bickering and indecision of the other races I am convinced now more than ever that the Warchons shall indeed come forth from the darkness and take from these fools what they do not deserve. I have been given many names over the years by the people of Warchor. He Who Walks in the Shadows, the Walker of the Shadowed Land, the Bringer of Destiny . . . the Race of Warchor awaits only my return for the fulfillment of their eternal purpose, as decreed by our Lord and Creator. I have seen this as part of my own darkened destiny, and that of my Race. It is already inevitable that the day shall come for me to emerge from my shadowed existence. Indeed, that day draws near, and all the galaxy cannot know what terror awaits them upon that day . . . For I am Khal'Veihr. I am He Who Walks in the Shadows. The Race of Warchor shall not be denied of what has always been theirs.

The Race of Warchor is the ultimate race of darkness created by the evil God Dagobros. It is their firm belief that they were created to conquer and rule supreme over all the other races of the galaxy of Spherus. Members of the Race of Warchor are graced with a few differences in their appearance to distinguish them from the other races. The most notable of these is their ebony skin, as black as the darkness in their souls. Their hair is also almost always jet black. Members of the Race are also expected to go about clad in their full armor of war. This armor, renowned throughout the galaxy, is specifically crafted for each warrior, and fitted to his build only. It covers every inch of a Warchon's skin, making them all seem identical to outsiders. The Race of Warchor, of course, has learned to identify each other more from their heights, builds, and even individual movements than from their facial features.

Vlad-Kaross, Khane-Moross of Warchor

"I felt no exuberance as I completed the last task of the Ildiad and ascended the throne of the Khane-Moross. Already my mind was weighted with the responsibility of my task. The eyes of the Race of Warchor were upon me, and it was my duty to fulfill the destiny of all those who watched."

The social structure of Warchor is very different from that of the rest of the galaxy. Indeed, the Warchons are less a society and more of a gigantic army. There are only three social classes in existence on the Dark Planet: the Taios-Moross, the Sy-Keel-Moross and the Khane-Moross. The Taios-Moross, translated literally as the Soldiers of Death, are by far the most numerous social class. Every citizen of Warchor is born as a member of the Taios-Moross. The Sy-Keel-Moross, or Shadow Bringers of Death, are the spies and assassins of the Race. Members of the Taios-Moross who wish to join the ranks of the Sy-Keel must spend several years of their lives at Sy-Vediir, the Shadow Academy. The Sy-Keel-Moross are generally regarded as the deadliest assassins of the known galaxy. The Khane-Moross is the ruler supreme of all Warchor. Any Warchon can apply for the position of Khane-Moross, but they must pass the test known as the Ildiad, the Trial. The Ildiad tests all aspects of a warrior's ability: strength, intelligence, cunning, knowledge and many more. Once a warrior rises to the position of Khane-Moross, they hold the position until their deaths. It should also be noted that the Race of Warchor is almost the only race to still use a language different from that of the rest of the galaxy.

Diru'skaar, Khane-Moross of Warchor

"Come! Let us show these weak fools the power and the wrath of the Race of Warchor!"

Naturally, Warchor has very little contact with the other planets of the galaxy. Other than the Sy-Keel-Moross who are sent to the other planets to gain 'experience in the field', most Warchons have never even laid eyes upon a member of another race. Every so often, the Warchons decide that the time has come for them to once again try to fulfill their destiny by conquering the entire galaxy. Because of the vast distances between the Dark Planet and any other planet of Spherus, their invasions have of yet been unsuccessful. However, there are many who await only the coming of the Prophecy for their final success.

(When He Who Walks in the Shadows returns to the world of mortals,
he shall lead the Race of Warchor
to the galactic domination
that is their destiny)

Those who have faith in the Prophecy believe that the time will come when the hero of Warchor, Khal'Veihr, the founder of the Sy-Keel-Moross, returns to their world, he will lead the Race of Warchor to the conquest of the galaxy. Though few members of any other race have even heard of the prophecy, those few who have literally tremble in fear at the thought of the return of Khal'Veihr...

Karu-Kari, member of the Sy-Keel-Moross

"We Warchons have no taste for the weak past-times of the other races. While weaker peoples engage in drug indulgence, casual sex and useless so-called ' 'recreation', those of the Race of Warchor live only by the Sword, with the Sword. I have seen this, for I am a member of the Sy-Keel-Moross, and I have had the displeasure of paying visit to the other planets of the galaxy that we are destined to dominate. It baffles me when I think how these fools have for so long resisted the supreme might of the Race of Warchor."

As mentioned previously, the society of the Race of Warchor is much like that of a gigantic army. They have no currency, no economy, no families. All Warchons have confidence in their Khane-Moross and they work as they are needed to further the goals of the Race. Members of the Race live alone in small, utilitarian buildings with nothing in the way of decoration. The Warchons do recognize the personal superiority of certain individuals, and the top strategists of Warchor make up the Militant Council, a committee that advises the Khane-Moross, but they have no real power. The Warchons also take no pleasure in breeding, as do members of the other races. In fact it is considered nothing more than a necessary burden by the members of the Race, especially the females, who naturally cannot wear their armor while pregnant. Reproduction is controlled by the government, and when a member of the Race reaches the currently designated age, they are paired off with a member of the opposite sex and ordered to produce an offspring. When the child is born, it is taken by the government and put into one of the many schools to train the child as a Warrior worthy of the Race of Warchor. Thus, most children have no idea who their parents, and many parents have no idea who their children are. Ironically, the Dark Race of Warchor is the only race that has entirely eliminated sexism in their society, as all members of the Race are raised as Warriors from birth, regardless of gender.

Kasu-Kilu, Guardian and former Sy-Keel-Moross

"It has been very difficult for me, abandoning my Race, my culture and my entire upbringing to join the society of the other races. I was raised as a member of the Race of Warchor and trained as one of the deadliest assassins in the galaxy, and it is not easy to forget an entire way of life. Nevertheless, when I see the smiles, hear the laughter of my companions - my friends - I know that it has been worth it, and I know that my race is wrong to wish to destroy this new way of life that I have now found. I doubt I will ever forget who or what I am, but I have gone a long way toward understanding the true purpose of living. For it is by not only seeing, but understanding the path of light that I have been able to cast off the darkness that is my birthright."

Though they have tried many a time, the Race of Warchor has always been defeated in battle by those whom they wish to conquer. Nevertheless, the very fabric of the galaxy trembles when word arrives that They Who Live Beneath the Mask are once again mobilizing beneath the Armada of Darkness..

Tirkaia dor Loric, Empress of New Zelzakia

"Talking to Kasu-Kilu is almost like reading a book. Used to living beneath a mask for all his life, his thoughts can be seen on his face as clearly as if he had spoken them out loud. It almost makes me laugh sometimes. It also makes me wonder . . . is this how all Warchons are like beneath the Mask?"

The Race of Loric and Lorac:

They of the other races . . . they cannot begin to understand how we live in the shadow of death. We see it everywhere around us, crushing and oppressive. It extends even to the dark orb that burns above us in the sky. The Hand of Dagobros rests heavily upon our worlds. It is hard for us to imagine anything but the bleak, dead landscape that is our home. Nevertheless, we continue on in spite of the odds, and always we have thrown off the influence of any planet that has tried to invade our homelands. I sometimes wonder if even this was the right thing for us to do . . .

Often called the Twin Planets, the planets of Loric and Lorac lie closest to the Dark Sun, Dagos. The influence of the Darkness is evident on these worlds. The sky is dark, and secret cults worshipping the Dark God abound over the surface of the planet. As people, the citizens of Loric and Lorac tend to be rather gloomy and withdrawn, going about their jobs without joy or passion. The only time their spirits are truly aroused is when a hostile power threatens their worlds. Some more cynical critics believe that this passion comes straight from the Dark Lord Himself, wishing to preserve the evil that has grown on these worlds.

Consul Logatess dor Lorac

"The other planets of the galaxy care little for our ravaged worlds. To many of the more powerful peoples, we are nothing but an insignificant whisper in the wind, a silent resource to be used as they desire. But mark my words, this attitude will not last much longer! Soon, we shall finally gain the recognition that the other races have had for centuries!"

Unlike many other races, the people of Loric and Lorac do not believe themselves to be superior to the other races of the galaxy. They are even willing to admit that many races have done far better in the galactic field than they have. Though some members of their race seem a tad bitter about this subject, the people of Loric and Lorac are too willing to accept reality and the status quo as it stands. Naturally, the followers of Dagobros take advantage of this trait to acquire what they need from the races of Loric and Lorac.

Empress Tirkaia dor Loric of New Zelzakia

"Sometimes my own race disgusts me. It's not as if the ability isn't there within them. I think I have proven that by myself. If only they would get off their butts and do something with their lives, they might actually get somewhere."

Loric and Lorac are governed jointly by a pair of Consuls, one sent by the people of each planet. Each planet also has their own separate Senate by which the decisions of the Consuls must pass to be implemented on the given planet. Unfortunately, the race of Loric and Lorac has never been able to produce strong leaders for their planets, which has certainly inhibited them from becoming major powers on the galactic scale. There are many who fear that the weak leadership of these planets offers the perfect setup for any followers of darkness that wish to rise to power...

The Priesthood of Doom:

Baligos, High Priest of Doomsgate

"The puny fools who inhabit this galaxy will never taste true power as long as they walk beneath the wing of weak Gods. Only those who follow our Great Lord of Darkness will ever know the power that the Shadow can bring them. We of the Order of Doom are the ultimate followers of our God, and the True Chosen of the Darkness. It is foolish for the planets of Spherus to resist against the power that we represent, for the Darkness will inevitably blanket the universe beneath the eternal Shadow..."

The Priesthood of Doom is a small but powerful faction devoted to the God of Darkness, Dagobros. The headquarters of this religious organization is the Fortress Doomsgate, which is located deep within the Shadowed Blight on the planet Lorac. The Priests of this Order are fanatically devoted to their God and work ceaselessly to bring about the fall of the galaxy. One distinguishing feature of the Order of Doom is the armor that they wear. Accepted members of the Priesthood are given heavily plated armor that covers their body from head to toe, concealing their face beneath a horned mask. This armor is also covered with hundreds of razor-tipped spikes, separating it from any other plate armor made throughout the galaxy. Members of the Order also wear a skull amulet, holy symbol of their unholy God.

Warlock, High Priest of Doomsgate

"I could feel the forces within the night. The moon was right, and the Order was ready. Power coursed through my veins as I stepped up to the Altar of Doom. The wind howled and I raised my arms to the darkened sky. I knew that the triumph of Darkness had come at long last!"

The primary purpose of the Fortress of Doomsgate is to summon the invincible entity of Doom into the mortal universe. The exact details of this ritual are unknown, but it is known that it has succeeded but once in the history of the galaxy. Thanks to the efforts of some valiant and now-forgotten heroes, Doom was finally sealed back within the portal of the Fortress. Nevertheless, the Order of Doom continues to attempt the ritual and bring about the ultimate destruction of the galaxy...

Gorsanov, High Priest of Doomsgate

"Mighty as we are, Members of the Order cannot subjugate the galaxy on their own. We need to take advantage of the weakness of the other people of the galaxy. Once we have opened the door from the inside, the Shadow will surge through in an unstoppable wave, crushing all in its path!"

The Shadowcult is an organization of Dagobros worshippers that is loosely affiliated with the Order of Doom. The Shadowcult is much more secretive and insidious that the Priesthood. They have agents spread throughout the galaxy, and their goal is to gather intelligence and attempt to influence galactic decisions toward the path of Darkness. Though the Shadowcult is officially subject directly to the High Priest of Doomsgate, the leader of the Order of Doom rarely has time to read any but the most important of the reports gathered by the Cult. Thus, the Cult has its own chain of command that operates mostly independently of any other directives. The influence of the Shadowcult is far more widespread than the majority of citizens realize, and only time will tell how the Cult will affect the fate of the galaxy...

The Race of Terroria:

The Guardian Reaper dor Terroria

"The planet and race of my birth are, more than any other race, governed by their most base instinct: survival. Survival, both the highest form of madness and the purest form of sanity. The greater one's power and wealth, the greater chance one has for survival. I too was caught up in the fervor of survival until I found a higher purpose for my life. Indeed, the surface of Terroria is nothing less than a living nightmare, a world of senseless killing to preserve one's own life. Any chance that a Terrorian has of living a life in the Light is drowned out by that which is necessary for mere survival."

The world of Terroria is by far the most nightmarish of all the worlds of Spherus. The streets are ruined, and dead bodies fill the gutters like so much debris. Even the inhabitants of the planet fit in with the nightmare image. Members of the race of Terroria are born with some physical deformity, some almost negligible, some warping their entire body into some hideous form. This twisting extends past the physical features and into the very soul of the Terrorian people. The prime rule of life on Terroria is "Kill or be killed". Life on Terroria is nothing more than a journey from one bloodbath to another, until finally it is one's own blood that runs into the gutter.

The Guardian Reaper dor Terroria

"Much as we may find them repulsive, societies of evil and corruption are necessary for any organized society at all, for it has been proven time and again that people are incapable of uniting without a common enemy."

Scayle dor Terroria

"I say just a screw the whole blasted race!"

Terroria is governed however the current ruler so chooses, usually through a regime of terror. Crime runs rampant through the streets and criminal mobs abound. The so-called police are little more than a well-organized mob subject to the ruler of the planet. Corruption is common place among all these organizations and assassinating one's rivals is the most popular method of ascension. The vast majority of the population of Terroria are petty cutthroats on the street, with no home and no possessions other than what they can carry. Because of the corrupt, power-dominated system of Terroria, most Terrorian women are regarded as little more than sex playthings by the entire race. It is perhaps then no surprise that despite the incredibly high death rate, Terroria has one of the highest populations of all the planets of Spherus.

Lord Skole-Kiilu, Ruler of Terroria

"More than anything else, fear rules this world. Truly the most devastating weapon of all, fear can paralyze entire multitudes who may wish to change the system. Those who know how to use fear are those rise to power on the world of Terroria."

Members of the race of Terroria are 'graced' with a strange power befitting their appearance. Terrorians constantly radiate an aura of fear that touches all that is near them. This aura can send lesser men into frenzied flight, and even great warriors feel uncomfortable in the presence of a Terrorian. The Terrorians themselves, of course, are immune to this power. If the race of Terroria ever found cause to join together to achieve a common goal, their powerful aura of fear would prove a formidable weapon against the other planets of the galaxy.

The Race of Zelzakia:

Zaygil, First Emperor of Zelzakia

"We are the race of Zelzakia, created last and best by the Gods of Spherus. The power wielded by the other races is pitifully insignificant compared to the awesome might of our people. Why did the Gods give us these powers, if not to use them to take our rightful place as rulers of the galaxy? Let us come forth and show the universe what true power is!"

The race of Zelzakia was the last race to be created, one million years after the creation of the other races. The Zelzakian warriors are indisputably the most powerful beings ever to walk the mortal plane. It is said that the Zelzakians were created by all the Gods working together and thus were they able to obtain their ultimate powers. The Zelzakians are a proud, arrogant race, which is almost understandable considering their abilities. Members of the Race of Zelzakia often have black or dark brown hair, and noble, chiseled features. As far as is known, the Zelzakian race has no age limit to their life spans, and only die when killed in battle. Fortunately, the Zelzakians have one of the lowest birth rates of the galaxy, preventing them from becoming too numerous.

Degussi, Third Emperor of Zelzakia

"The tides of war have risen and fallen, and with those tides we of the race of Zelzakia have carved out a mighty Empire. I sometimes wonder if it would even now be possible to stop the Zelzakian ambition of conquest if we wished to. As I see it, the only thing that can stop the race of Zelzakia now is their own might turned against them."

The Zelzakians are an ambitious race that wish to subjugate the rest of the galaxy beneath their rule. Supreme power of the Zelzakians is held by their Emperor, often seen as almost a God by many of his subjects. Beneath the Emperor, the Zelzakians have formed the Imperial Galaktika, the idea and military force used to create their Empire. In the short time since their creation, the Zelzakians have conquered a fair part of the galaxy, and have no plans to stop their pursuit of conquest. Of note is the fact that there has only been three Emperors of the Zelzakian Empire since it was formed, as the Zelzakians are not subject to the effects of age.

Sygoss, 'The Shadowcaster', Second Emperor of Zelzakia

"Soon, all the planets of the galaxy shall live beneath the shadow of Zelzakia. We and we alone shall be the supreme race of Spherus, with all others on their knees before us. And for those who refuse to live in our shadow...will certainly cast no shadow of their own upon anything for very long."

For many years, it seemed inevitable that race of Zelzakia would soon sweep over the last remnants of resistance and take the galaxy for their own. However, it seemed that the Gods were less than pleased with this development of their 'perfect' race. Thus, in the year 1 399 990, the renegade Zelzakian warrior now known as Dedacus 'the Destroyer' brought about the destruction of the entire planet and race of Zelzakia. How exactly this was accomplished is still unknown, but little can stop the power of the Gods when they unanimously agree on a common goal. Now, there is only a very small number of Zelzakian warriors remaining, most of them highly coveted mercenaries who use the once great power of their race to keep alive in the ever-shifting universe.

Dedacus, 'The Destroyer'

"I will not be a pawn of my race in its thirst for galactic domination. I am free of all chains now, and I have no intention of returning to the life I once knew. Even the efforts of my own race to take me back into their midst will only strengthen my resolve. I will not be subjugated."

The Race of Deksiil:

So many of the other races of the galaxy are obsessed with their own ideas of racial superiority. From the snobbish attitudes of the Electrans and the Spherans to the fiery pride of the Fenixans, to even the self-righteous Armorians, all of this has brought much conflict to the galaxy of Spherus. Being at the center of this galaxy, the race of Deksiil has always taken the role of the galactic moderator, always attempting to lessen the destruction caused by the pride of the other races, and take steps to prevent this conflict if need be...

The planet of Deksiil lies at the center of the galaxy, and is thus very concerned about the various wars and conflicts throughout the galaxy. Deksiil is often seen as one of the great forwarders of galactic peace, for any conflict among planets is bound to sweep them into its midst. Many of the most powerful warriors of the galaxy have been of Deksiilan origin, and many important treaties and agreements have been made because of Deksiilan influence.

Deksiil is governed by a President, with democratic elections for various political parties. Because of its central location, Deksiil has grown to become one of the most powerful and rich planets of Spherus. In fact, their economy and industry is matched only by that of the Electran Empire, and the planet of Sphere. This power helps the Deksiilans a great deal when it comes to their role of arbitrating galactic peace.

The Race of Arsa:

As the Chosen of mighty Nobelius, we, the people of Arsa, must stand up for all the principals as decreed by our God. Justice, above all, must be upheld, and it is to this purpose that we have dedicated our lives.

The race of Arsa was created by the God Nobelius, Lord of the Skies and Master of Justice. The Arsans are heavily devoted to the ideals of their God, and its courts and judges are known as the finest throughout the galaxy. Almost all the important, intergalactic trials are held on Arsa, because of the renowned impartialness of their courts.

Arsa is ruled by the Council of Justice, which is composed by almost all of the Judges on Arsa. The Council is more interested with upholding justice than making Arsa into an interplanetary power, and thus the Arsan industry and military remains relatively weak. Nevertheless, Arsa, being the only planet close enough to dark Warchor for a conceivable attack, is often referred to as the "Shield Against the Shadow", and a multi-planetary force is kept there at all times.

The Race of Denchul:

Not being a strong planet, it is somewhat of a relief for us to be living beneath the protection of the mighty Electran Empire. Though some of my race are of mixed feelings on this, I believe that without Electra's protection, our world would constantly be a battleground for those who would wish to use our resources. Thus shall I be content to accept Electran rule for the rest of my hopefully peaceful days.

The planet of Denchul has, for many millennia, been a part of the mighty Electran Empire. Most of the race of Denchul is content with this agreement, as the natural resources of this world would surely be a target for many power-hungry races. Thus, Denchul is governed by a representative of the Electran Empire, usually appointed by the Emperor himself. The vast majority of the race of Denchul is more than willing to accept the rule of their governor and simply live their lives in peace.

The Races of Chalchak and Dortal:

Shateus dor Chalchak, one of the Six Heroes

"At first glance, my planet appears as nothing more than a small, peaceful society, living amongst our jungle paradise. On closer inspection, however, we discover the rotting soil beneath that jungle. The crime and corruption of the Chalchakian underworld would astound most onlookers of our peaceful planet. These organizations have often approached even me, wishing me to join their ranks, but the least they ever get for their trouble is a few missing teeth."

The worlds of Chalchak and Dortal are very similar, both of them being sparsely populated jungle worlds. Chalchak has a slightly larger population and industry than its cousin, Dortal, mostly because it is closer to the other planets of the galaxy. Though on the surface these planets appear very peaceful, much of the activity of these worlds is dictated by the numerous drug dealers that base their operations in the jungles of these worlds. Despite this, most of the members of these races manage to lead a peaceful life away from the interplanetary intrigue common on many other planets.

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