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Spherus: Space Ships

In Spherus, unlike in much popular science fiction, most craft are built specifically either for use in space, or within a planet's atmosphere. There are very few that are capable of functioning in both, those few being the transport ships that they use to bring space ships that are docked on the ground up into space. It is my belief that flying in the atmosphere ("Land Ships", as they're called) is totally different from flying in space ("Space Ships"), and a ship is far more powerful and efficient if it is specialized for one or the other. Of course, even though they don't need them, most Space-ships still have wings, just because they look cooler.

Starstreak: The Starstreak is basically the standard civilian transport ship for getting from planet to planet - kind of like the Boeing today. Depending on the model, they can carry up to a thousand passengers.

Silver Dust Transport: The Silver Dust is kind of like the Concord, but more popular. It is an extremely fast transport ship for civilians, though normally at least 10 times more expensive than taking a Starstreak. Normally used by only the wealthy and elite.

SG-3: A slow but extremely large cargo ship used by the military to transport large amounts of heavy equipment.

APC: The Armed Personnel Carrier is both a troop transport ship and a war-ship at the same time. It can carry roughly 200 troops, and is equipped with a few rotating laser turrets for its own defense.

Assault Transport: Assault Transports are troop-carrying vessels that are used for capturing space-stations and the like. They are armed with heavy rockets for disabling an installations defenses, and can carry about 300 troops which it can then land on the station.

Falcon Fighter: The 'standard' cheap fighter ship of the galaxy. The Falcon is an old and reliable ship, manufactured almost everywhere.

Heatwave: The Heatwave is an extremely fast, but not particularly maneuverable or well-armored ship that, as the name might imply, is very popular on Fenixa. However, most planets have a few of them in their arsenal as well.

Thunderer: The Thunderer is a special fighter used only by the Electran Empire. Though not particularly effective in a close-in dog-fight, its dreaded Storm Missiles are capable of wreaking huge amounts of destruction.

Falcon-X: The improved version of the Falcon, the Falcon-X is a ship used by most planets as a special, elite unit. They are quite expensive, so most planets don't keep more than a few on hand.

Crystal Defender: The Crystal Defender is a special ship used by the Electran Empire to defend their home-world. Though it is fast, maneuverable and well-armed, it is not equipped with an LSD drive (most ships do have one), so they are effective only as a defensive weapon.

Phoenix Fighter: The Fenixan Phoenix Fighters are renowned as the best ships in the entire galaxy (which in fact, they aren't, but they're still very good). There are only 3 Phoenix Fighters in existence, and is almost the greatest honor a pilot can have if you get to fly one of these.

SY-3: The SY-3 is one ship that your characters WILL NOT know about, as it has not yet been released to the galaxy at large. However, most of my players know about it, so you should too. The SY-3 is a revolutionary new ship developped by (who else?) the Tortalians. It is faster, more maneuverable and more powerful than even the mighty Phoenix Fighters. However, it is still being tested, and it may be some time before the Tortalians let anyone else know of its existence.

Cruiser: The Cruisers are the standard giant Battle-ships of the galaxy. They can carry several thousand troops and a great many fighter-ships as well (the military craft listed above are mostly fighters). Naturally, a Cruiser also takes a very large crew to run properly.

Star Cruiser: The Star Cruiser is basically just a larger and more powerful version of the standard Cruiser, and packs a very powerful punch.

Battle Star: The Battle Stars are the largest of all Space-craft, and are capable of carrying many thousands of troops and individual fighter ships. They are basically impregnable to attack by standard fighter-craft. Only the richest planets can afford to have these behemoths in service.

Orbitus: The Orbitus is not actually a ship, but rather a defensive Space Station. There are many other 'permanent' installations of its type around, but the Orbitus is supposed to be the Ultimate Defense, and is larger and more powerful than several Battle Stars put together. As far as is known, Deksiil is the only planet to have an Orbitus, and it is something they are quite famous for.

The above ships are those used by almost the entire galaxy. However, the Warchons naturally have their own special ships, which I will now list below.

Kithn-Kazash (Blade-Fighter): The Kithn-Kazash is the standard fighter of the Warchons. It is much more powerful than the standard 'Falcon' of the rest of the galaxy, possibly on par with the Falcon-X.

Kithn-Drakkai (Dagger-Fighter): The Kithn-Drakkai is an extremely fast, but short-range fighter that is mainly used as an interception fighter to destroy enemy cargo ships and assault transports.

Kithn-Sy (Shadow-Fighter): The Kithn-Sy is the latest in Warchon engineering. Though physically weaker than their cousin, the Kithn-Kazash, they incorporate what the Warchons call Shadow Techonology - essentially, a cloaking device. This is another ship that your characters would NOT know about, since the Warchons have been very careful about hiding this secret weapon.

Kainin-Moross (Arms of Death): The Kainin-Moross are the ultimate elite Warchon ships, and there are only 5 in existence. They are actually probably better than their counter-parts, the famed Phoenix Fighters, and only the best Warchon pilots are chosen to fly these incredibly powerful fighters.

Ragnoss-Keel (???): The Ragnoss-Keel is the gigantic Warchon war-ship, in concept equivalent to the Battle Star, though it looks quite different. The very fabric of the galaxy trembles when the Warchon fleet of Ragnoss-Keel are given orders to engage in battle.

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SPHERUS is copyright Jeff and Jeremy Long. Anyone reproducing or borrowing these files without his permission will be immediately destroyed by Mr. T's cabbage gun.