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Spherus: List of Weapons

Zirlithium Weapons:
Though most weapons are made of admorite, they can also be made of the far superior metal zirlithium. A zirlithium weapon gives a bonus of +5 to hit and +5 to damage for any weapon. But because zirlithium is so rare, and so hard that it can only be sculpted via a special electromagnetic process known only to the Spherans, weapons made of zirlithium will cost at least 10 times the normal price, and possibly much more. Note that Warchonian weapons are never made of zirlithium.

Note: All weapons are considered Heavy unless otherwise stated.

Weapon To-Hit Damage Speed Type Cost Description
Throwing Dagger 40 1d8/Ranged 3 Light 20 A small, needle-tipped dagger built for throwing.
Melee Dagger 40 1d10 4 Light 30 Slightly larger than the throwing dagger, with a much broader blade, this dagger is meant for close-in combat.
Short Blade 46 1d12 4 Light 50 A double-edged sword with a 2 foot blade. Generally used as a thrusting weapon, it can be used to slash as well.
Long Blade 50 3d6 6 Heavy 60 A double-edged sword with a 3'2 foot blade. A useful and versatile weapon.
Saber 50 3d4 4 Light 80 A slightly curving blade about 3 feet long, it is only sharp on one side. It is also slightly thinner and lighter than a long blade.
Blade-Hammer 60 5d6 10 Heavy 300 A massive, double-edged sword with a 5 to 6 foot blade, this sword has to be wielded with both hands.
Trident 54 3d8 8 Heavy 80 A long pole with 3 sharp prongs mounted on the end. It is used only as a thrusting weapon.
Battle-Scythe 60 3d8 8 Heavy 60 This fearsome weapon consists of a long pole with a sharp curving blade on one end, and often a spike set into the other.
Cleaver 60 5d4 5 Heavy 50 Basically a hand-axe, with a short foot-long handle and a long, broad, heavy blade.
Battle Ax 60 4d6 8 Heavy 100 A long-handled axe with a massive blade, the strongest warriors can cut down a tree with one mighty blow with this weapon.
Nunchuku 46 2d4 + 1d4/20 skill 4 Heavy 50 Two short pieces of metal joined together by a chain, this weapon is quick and deadly in the hands of an expert.
Cyber-Spear 56 3d10 7 Heavy 200 This weapon normally resembles a metal spear about 4 feet in length. However, when it is used to attack, a hidden button causes it to momentarily extend to about 8 feet in length before retracting.
Hammer of Justice 58 5d4 7 Heavy 100 A small but heavy hammer head set onto a 3 foot handle, this is a weapon often used by the High Justice of Arsa.
Thunder Blade 30 2d10 3 Heavy 500 This weapon is very popular, due to the fact that it can be easily carried and concealed. Normally, it seems nothing more than a hilt for another sword weapon, but at the press of a button, a glowing blade of electric energy is formed. Due to the fact that these weapons are only made in the Electran Empire, they may be difficult to buy in some places.
Vitex Blade 50 4d8 5 Heavy 1000 This, like the thunder blade, is also a weapon of electran design. It resembles a long blade, but with electric charges built in to enhance damage, and electronically sharpen the blade. This high-tech weapon is probably the most powerful hand-to-hand weapon in the galaxy.
Ziekfird Blade 50 3d8 7 Heavy 200 An extremely long, slender, and slightly curved sword, wielded two-handed, that was originally used by the now-extinct natives of the Dekataan Plateau.
Great Scimitar 60 3d10 8 Heavy 150 A gigantic, curved sword favored by the nomads who wander the Fenixan deserts. With a proper hit, its massive blade can chop almost anything in two.
Energy Lash 50 1d6 4 Heavy 150 A weapon used primarily on Chalchak to control dinosaurs, it can also be used on Spherusians. In addition to the normal damage, it has a chance of rendering a character unconscious, the target must make a (x4 Hlth - damage dealt) to avoid this.
Boomerang 40 2d6/Ranged 3 Light 100 A curved, half-moon blade that can be either hurled or held. Found among natives of the Dortalan jungle. Its range is about 10 metres if thrown.
Battleblade 40 3d6 4 Heavy --- The battleblade is the most common Warchon weapon. It resembles a sabre, except that it is about half a foot longer, and has a slightly broader blade. It is also made of Titra-Ultren, the black metal used by the Warchons. Thus, it is almost unbreakable. These weapons are available to Warchons upon request, but can never be sold to outsiders.
Skirmisher 40 2d6 3 Light --- This Warchon weapon is often paired with a battleblade, and used as a secondary weapon. It is a single-edged blade, about 2'2 feet long and unlike the battleblade is straight, not curved. Like all Warchon weapons, skirmishers are made of Titra-Ultren.
Kunazash 50 4d6 6 Heavy --- Yet another Warchon weapon, the Kunazash is a long pole about 5 feet long, with 1'2 foot long curving blades on each end. Generally, it must be wielded two-handed, and like all Warchon weapons, is made of Titra-Ultren.
Sy-Keel Darts 40 Death 3 Heavy --- These are tiny, special darts fired from wrist bands. They are filled with a deadly poison that will kill a warrior instantly unless they make a x1health check, with a penalty equal to twice the assassin's damage bonus (ie maximum of -20). They are given only to members of the Sy-Keel-Moross, and the ingredients and knowledge of the poison are found only on Warchor. Each wrist band is capable of holding 2 dozen darts.

Racial Weapons

Many races have special weapons with which their race is naturally proficient, or that are very practical for their environment. For their racial weapon, warriors can gain skill without the usual buy-in.

Dortal: Cleaver, Battle-axe, Boomerang

Chalchak: Melee dagger, Energy Lash, Boomerang, Throwing Dagger

Denchul: None

Deksiil: Nunchaku, Long blade, Zeikfird Blade

Arsa: Hammer of Justice, Long blade

Zelzakia: None

Terroria: Throwing dagger, Melee dagger, Battle Scythe

Tortalus: Trident, Cyber-spear

Electra: Thunder blade, Vitex blade

Lorac/Loric: Blade-hammer, Battle-scythe

Fenixa: Short blade, Sabre, Great Scimitar

Armoria: None

Sphere: Long blade, Cyber-spear

Warchor: Battleblade, Skirmisher, Kunazash, Sy-keel darts

Spherus: Special Weapon Attacks

Weapon Classes:
Weapons are classified into two categories, Light and Heavy. Light weapons are considered small enough that they can be used with one in each hand. The off-hand weapon operates exactly like the primary weapon, except that it is 'considered' to have 20 less skill, and receives no strength bonus to damage. An offhand weapon cannot be used until its user gains enough skill to be 'proficient' with it.

Undefendable: Some moves are undefendable (defense). The Defense skill cannot be used to block such moves.

The following techniques can be used once the warrior reaches the listed amount of Weapon skill. No more than 100 points can be placed in this skill.

Technique To-Hit Damage Speed Bonus Cost Check
5: Light Weapon Proficiency To-Hit/2 --- --- (+1/+1 for 10 skill) --- ---
15: Heavy Weapon Proficiency To-Hit/2 --- --- (+1/+1 for 10 skill) --- ---
20: Lunge Weapon Weapon Weapon -5 +1/+1 for 10 skill --- ---
25: Precision Blow Weapon +10 Weapon Weapon +1/+1 for 10 skill --- ---
35: Duo-Strike Weapon 2x Weapon Weapon +1/+1 for 10 skill --- x2 Agi else regular.
45: Psi-Strike Weapon Weapon + 20 Weapon +1/+1 for 10 skill
+1/+1 for 5 Will
30 pp ---
60: Spinstrike Weapon
Weapon Weapon +1/+1 for 10 skill --- x2 Agi else fail.
75: Delta Strike Weapon Weapon x 3 Weapon +1/+1 for 10 skill --- x1 Agi else regular.
90: Silver Streak Weapon + 10 Weapon x2 +2d10+10 Weapon + 1 +1/+1 for 10 skill 20 pp x2 Will else regular.
100: Death Blade Weapon + 20 Weapon x3 + 4d10+20 Weapon + 4 +1/+1 for 10 skill 30 pp x1 Will else regular.

Detailed Descriptions

5: Light Weapon Proficiency: The warrior becomes proficient with his Light Weapon, cutting its base To-Hit difficulty in half. (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill).

15: Heavy Weapon Proficiency: The warrior becomes proficient with his Heavy Weapon, cutting its base To-Hit difficulty in half. (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill).

20: Lunge: The warrior gains the ability to lunge with their weapon in a sudden attack. This grants a -5 speed to the user's initiative. (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill).

25: Precision Blow: The warrior lines up for an ultra-precise attack. +10 To Hit. (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill).

35: Duo Strike: In a lightning-fast move, the warrior hits his enemy twice with a vertical and horizontal slash. To hit: as weapon, dam weapon x2, speed: as weapon (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill). Need x2 agi check else perform a regular attack.

45: Psi-Strike: The warrior's weapon becomes sheathed in the fires of his will. To hit: as weapon + will/5, dam as weapon + 20 + will/5, speed: as weapon, takes 30 psi (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill).

60: Spinstrike: The warrior spins around with his weapon extended, allowing him to hit any targets next to him. Only one attack and damage roll is made, and is applied to all targets. To hit: as weapon, dam as weapon, speed: as weapon (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill). Need x2 agi check else failure.

75: Delta Strike: This ultra-move slashes your opponent three times in a triangle-like shape. To hit: as weapon, dam weapon x3, speed: as weapon (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill). Need x1 agi check else perform regular attack.

90: Silver Streak: This attack causes the warrior's weapon to cut through the enemy horizontally, leaving a silver comet trailing in its wake. To hit: as weapon + 10, dam weapon x2 +2d10+10, speed: as weapon +1, takes 20 psi points (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill). Need x2 Will check else perform regular attack.

100: Death Blade: This is the all-powerful move designed by the Warchon weapons masters. The warrior's eyes glow with the color of his flame and he brings his weapon down in a straight, vertical slash, followed by a trail of psi-fire. To hit: weapon +20, dam weapon x3 +4d10+20, speed: weapon +4, takes 30 psi (+1 to hit and dam for every 10 skill). Need x1 Will check else perform regular attack.

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